2x ophtical zoom feature on camera on asus rog 3

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  • You cannot have a 2x optical zoom, as that would require hardware.

    If you talk about digital zoom, just pinch your fingers, I don't know why they didnt implement a doubletap to 2x zoom yet, it has been requested but never happened thus far, which is weird considering it should be a very easy implementation.

    @Anders_ASUS going to tag you there. As I would think the doubletab to 2x zoom is quite good to have, also I would also love if you allow zoom with macro camera, it's defnitely possible what we can see on the gcam port for rog3 and as a person who actually uses the macro camera to read ID's from SMD's I would love to be able to zoom in a little more.

  • Hi

    For any ideas or feature request, you can post here:


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    The X2 button is a very useful option that the rog 2 has and it was super comfortable when zooming. I do not understand why the rog3 doesn't have it. Although it does not have optical zoom, the button is better, faster and more precise (instantaneous) than pinching or sliding your finger on the screen. I have requested this function in this forum several times and the response of the developers was "it is not necessary to saturate the camera application with that x2 option" ... as if the x2 button were to cover the entire screen .. pathetic.

  • The button doesnt make much sense. doubletap to zoom is way better as it doesnt need an extra UI element and makes the UX better.

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    Both would be welcome. I don't understand why they don't implement it.

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