Battery stats only since full charge ?

Chris1Chris1 Level 2
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Stats are currently given from last full charge.

Asus should add an option to get stats from last charge, as it offers the possibility to limit charge to 80 or 90%.



  • I agree and there should be more than one option what is shown. Options like, from last charge, 1 and 7 days.

  • U7G7hbU7G7hb Level 1

    I have mine set to 90% limit, and it does reset the stats when it hits that.

    But i like the idea of having an option of choosing a different time range.

  • Chris1Chris1 Level 2

    Mine is set at 80%, and there is no reset (but maybe i plug off too soon ?).

  • U7G7hbU7G7hb Level 1

    I just tested mine, and it has to hit 90%.

    If I disconnect the charger at 89%, the stats stay.

    So it might be the same for the 80% limit, that is has to hit 80%.

  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
    edited June 2021

    If you set the charge limiter to 80% the battery stats reset at 80%.

    Otherwise it is 90%

  • GermansGermans Level 2

    Is there any way to implement LED colour change to green at 80% or 90% when using charging limit.

  • There is currently no way to alter this behavior in ZenUI.

    The charging LED behavior is also dictated outside of the "OS" as it works even when the device is turned off.

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