Develop an Asus ZenTalk App - ( Bring back the old ASUS ZenTalk Community app )

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Earlier, we used to have an app called "ASUS ZenTalk Community" for Android

With that app, it was so easy to access Asus ZenTalk forum. For some reason, the app was ditched (I've lost a lot of point back then 😊)

Currently, inorder to access the community, browser is the only way. I feel it's not cool. It's not cool when you have a lot of tabs open in your browser. Also, I'm forced to log in from time to time because of security reasons. If there was an app that would not be the case I believe.

I request Asus to bring back the old app with features similar to the current Asus ZenTalk web version. Make it simple and clean. Also, consider making a dedicated bug report section so that it would be easy to track the issues reported by users...


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  • Having an app might be good.

    A dedicated issue tracking section sounds cool like I guess would make it easy for people to just drop in and find if the issue they are having is widespread and to find the status on said issue and also to provide inputs if needed.

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