Up to date list of Linux Distributions for the PN50

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  1. System: PN50
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: 4700U
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Hi,

I am seriously considering getting the ASUS PN50 4700U - I’ve contacted a local computer shop to see if they can get hold of two of them – One for a friend.

As I cannot post links yet, I've had to modify how I present this question. I'll remove this if it isn't acceptable.

As mentioned in this post below, and a few others I’ve seen, there have been issues with the PN50 with various versions of Linux:

zentalk "pn50-for-linux"

Is Ubuntu 19.10 the only version that you are aware of that works reliably, or have other Distributions been found, other than those I’ve listed below?

I’m guessing the latest firmware is also advisable.

I like the look of Fedora 34, but no one has submitted their machine details to the 'Linux Compatibility List', if they've installed it:

linux-hardwareorg "ASUSTek+Computer"

Fedora 32 and these others would seem to be okay, according to the following sites, albeit some of them with the obligatory shoehorn:

blog pcfe net "asus-pn50-fedora32"

RHEL 8.2:

blog pcfe net "asus-pn50-rhel8"

Linux Mint 20.1:

forumslinuxmintcom "340456"

Gentoo 5.4.80:

wiki gentoo org "Asus_PN50"

Manjaro (Oct '20):

forum manjaro org "new-ryzen-sff-asus-pn50-only-half-ram-memory-is-recognised"

Dual boot windows 10 and Manjaro 5.9.16-1:

forum manjaro org "dual-boot-windows-10-and-manjaro-resolved"

Other people have got these to work, as well: Pop!_OS, Void, Ubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu 20.10 using the 5.8 kernel.

In regards to compatibility of components, some think that there could be an issue with NVMe supporting HMB and also Sector size. Can you confirm this?

Also, is it advisable to use heat-sinks on any of the components to avoid CPU throttling and (obviously) reduce heat?

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