Whatsapp/fb/insta front camera quality issue

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 5
  2. Firmware Version: 18.0840.2104.49
  3. Rooted or not: non rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): whatsapp

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hi, I bought rog 5 couple days ago....and noticed when using whatsapp/fb/insta front camera the camera smoothens out the face so hardly it looks like oil painting please fix this issue .when using back cam in the same app this is not happening only on front cam it beautifies so hardly



  • The camera sensor used in the phone is above average and is powerful too.The only problem is with the algorithm applied to it. Thats the reason Asus Camera app always makes problem as you have mentioned. I wish they can fix this soon as to my knowledge the sensors are too good.

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    @and06tw @Titan_ASUS plss look this issue and respond...not able to use the front cam for video calling....all the apps that access front cam except stock camera app has this beautify issue.....it beautifies so hard and makes the face look like oil painting and the picture/video quality is darker and poir too....back cam is normal..only front cam has this issue on all 3rd party apps that use front cam

  • Hi Sibi,

    I just compared on Facebook, Instagram and What's App front camera quality with the default camera App. I don't feel there is quality issues. Can you send some sample comparison for our internal check.

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    Hi...you remember asking me to reboot to safe mode for quick launch camera settings...after that and normal reboot the issue is fixed..but if you look precisely the front camera is darker in these apps than it is on stock camera

  • @Sibi Things won't work here without proof of the issue. I understand what you are talking about but to inform the devs the mods need sample.

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    Here is the proof...1st pic is taken in instagram and 2nd is stock camera with HDR and beautify turned off ...look at the brightness difference this is the issue happening in all 3rd party app front camera..back cam is fine only front camera has this issue @ARP_ASUS @and06tw @Reaperzwolf also see how much zoomed in the 3rd party pic is while stock cam field of view is much larger

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    Yes very true! I have checked the same thing with Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp and the results are pretty dull and dark in comparison to the stock camera of the front camera. Also same thing applies for video calls too.

    I am fine with the zoom part but not with the dull and dark output via 3rd party apps. Just wanted to know if Asus Stock Camera is giving the normal output or the other 3rd party apps are providing the correct accuracy!

    @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

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    Stock cam is good and accurate bro it's the 3rd party apps pic/video quality of front cam that is poor...and also looks cropped in compared to the stock camera's field of view...I think this has to do with some camera permission coding for these apps...video calls are too poor and the other person says it looks like a 2mp cam quality for them!!!

    @Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @ARP @TITAN@Titan_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

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    @Gun2@Gustav@Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS I posted this on .49.and got 3 ota after this...still this remains...pls fix this issue....selfie cam takes darker image when using it in 3rd party apps like whatsapp insta fb Snapchat..and the face smoothens out a lot!

  • Stop quoting the ASUS mods, they literally cannot do anything to fix this nor can the developers. The reason this is happening is due to awful camera software on messaging apps. Instead use your camera and send pictures through gallery, do not use fb, whatsapp or messenger to take pictures unless you don't care about quality.

    The camera software on the phone processes the images so they look better, 3rd party apps don't.

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    I haven't had this 3rd party issue I mentioned above in any other phones except asus/rog....asus has to optimise their software calibration of camera on these apps

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    Yes we will quote the mods and ask the developers....I haven't faced this much of a quality drop in camera on 3rd party apps on my previous phones! Even 5z,6z don't have this issue...only in rog the front cam is poor...asus has to optimise the software for these apps that uses camera permission

  • That's a testiment to how much they improved their camera processing algorythm. The ASUS camera application is one of the best camera applications that exist, only to be topped by the likes of sonys ridicolously good camera pro application. If you want better quality on 3rd party apps, then go and complain to the 3rd party app creators. ASUS cannot magicially fix 3rd party cameras, it's like me having a car that needs tuning and I now go to the manufacturer of the car radio and ask them to fix my engine, it's ridicolous.

    The front camera is a trash 24mp 0.9micrometer camera, the fact that the ASUS camera app makes it seem way higher quality speaks for itself. And before you complain about why they have a bad front camera, this is true to basicially all phones, the reason isnt budget, the reason is simply space issues, nobody wants an IMX 689 on their front screen, it would take way to much space.

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    This is not 3rd party app issue..if that's the case all phones will have that face softening issue....this is only happening in rog 5....this has to do with the asus camera software no proper access for the 3rd party app camera. This software issue is on asus side not 3rd party... literally every other android phones has equal cam quality in stock and 3rd party app

  • Alright let me simplify you doubt on this after having used multiple apps to check this problem that even i have noticed and i also feel its not justified.

    The fact is that all the 3rd party apps seems to use the normal capacity of the camera sensor and its showing the images as intended to work. But the Asus Camera app is designed in such a way with all the software tweaks that it enhances/beutifies the image quality by softening/brightening/zooming etc.

    So to sum up, the sensors are working correctly as intended to in the 3rd party app,but the Asus camera app algorithm is designed in such a way that it improves the output which may be disliked/liked by many. Trust me it has nothing to do with 3rd party apps not being to utilise the sensor.

  • Now youre blatanly lying.

    It affects all android phones. The better the algorithm of the camera app provided with the phone the more notiable the difference.

    Now stop this idiocity. Asus cannot magicially fix other apps they dont have sourcecode for. Complain at google, facebook or snapchat. Stop wasting everyones time because of your ignorance.

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    I haven't asked you for any explanation and I have seen your replies in some other posts too....don't use words like idiocity and ignorance..I am not wasting your time...if you don't wanna answer shut up and do your own work no one asked you to waste your time in this post...even @Reaperzwolf replied now see how humble his texts are...if you don't know how to speak with others then stop talking no one asked you

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    No one is lying here...I use realme x2pro and iqoo 7 also even used asus 5z in past none of the device front cam has had this much of a quality difference so I posted here to get a clear explanation from the asus team

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    Ohh okkk bro...the thing is that with my previous devices I hadn't seen this much of a difference in image quality with stock and 3rd party cam...so I thought it has to do with software permission that asus gives for those apps.. now it's clear . thanks bro!

  • I already explained 3 times why that is. All the phones you mentioned have awful stock camera processing hence little difference in quality.

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