ROG Phone 5 Battery issue



  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    Flipkart is no longer offering Replacement for ROG 5, because of Limited stock. 🥲🥲

  • You should tell them that none of my business if the problem is with the phone you need to replace it as per your T&C, and if you can't refund back the money.

    So if they give you back the money,you can reorder a new one.

  • thejus44thejus44 Level 1


    Hi! Did your battery life improve after following those steps?

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    Hey, @thejus44 thank you for your suggestion, I was testing for the past 2 days.

    Yes, the battery life did improve after the factory reset, 1st day I got 11 hours of SOT with 9% charge remaining.

    And the 2nd day, i.e. till today 1 pm IST, I got 8.5 hours of SOT, including 1.2 hours of video call and with 20% charge remaining.

    Now, the only thing to look out for is how long does the phone maintain the battery life.

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    @Reaperzwolf I did not return the phone as resetting the phone as per @thejus44's suggestion did improve the battery life.

    However, I am still not sure how long the improved battery life will last as we are pretty much sure now the issue is with the software/OS and not with the phone.

  • thejus44thejus44 Level 1

    @Anna-Kin that's pretty great to hear! I've heard from other people that their ROG phone 2&3 battery health sustained for plenty of time, and still sustains, actually. If the battery health goes down then I don't think it'll be a problem to go to an asus service center and ask them to replace the battery. I did disable automatic software updates, so I think it would be wise for you to do so as well, and maybe come back to the forum to see if any asus updates are making it better or worse, and then update based on that.

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    Compared to the 2 and 3 the split battery is to blame as well. Because the efficiency is reduced compared to a single large battery. Plus, the split batteries arent even 3000 mAh (misleading advertising), they are 2885mAh each, making the phone a 5770mAh battery phone.

    I will disable auto-updates as well, that's a nice idea. I hope Asus doesn't pull off a Oneplus move and destroy the already unstable battery backup with an update.😂

  • thejus44thejus44 Level 1

    @Anna-Kin haha that's true, I would definitely be wary of Asus pulling off a OnePlus. This is my first Asus phone so I'm approaching updates with some caution. Although to be honest I would do that with any device at this point.

    Also while I get where you're coming from, the counter arguments I've heard is that the split batteries effectively mean that each battery discharges slower than one big normal one, and since Asus bundles only a 30W charger for the Indian market, each battery charges only at 15W, meaning that charges and discharges are slower, which is better for the battery overall. Might also reduce the point of failure, if one battery takes a dive we can't be sure the other one will as well.

    So at the end of the day I guess it's best to just wait and see how it goes. It may even be the case that dual battery setup is better! The main point I'm worried about is battery replacement after 2-3 years. If that goes smoothly I'll know that Asus handled the battery side of things of the RoG phone 5 magnificently. But for now, since your issue is fixed, let us enjoy the huge battery backup right now :)

  • Alright so i formatted my phone and now see the stats. Its pretty amazing now. This is how it should be. So my guess is that every time a new update come. Flash it manually and do a format🤣

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    @Reaperzwolf and @thejus44 now that our phones are formatted and the battery backup is better than before, I request you guys to monitor the SOT and usage so that we can identify if the battery backup lasts.

    Lets come up with a list of apps to run which which can replicate our usage and see what SOTs we get respectively.

    I suggest each of us carry out this test at an interval of 1 week from our date of reset.

    Let me know your thoughts on this.

  • thejus44thejus44 Level 1

    Lets come up with a list of apps to run which which can replicate our usage and see what SOTs we get respectively.

    I suggest each of us carry out this test at an interval of 1 week from our date of reset.

    Sounds good, I'm in. I can monitor the usage and SOT, but what exactly do you mean by coming up with a list of apps? So far, whatever I've been able to throw (and it's very varied) I've been able to make it last for quite some time, no issues. After reset that is.

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    By list of apps I mean, the apps which we will be using for that day, and all of us have to use it so that the variance in battery usage will be lower.

    Example: I use apps like,

    Insta, 9gag, Whatsapp, COD M, Netflix, and Youtube.

  • Yeah me too. Mostly YouTube, Whatsapp, BGMI,Phone Calls, Google Chrome. Lets give it a try and figure out. Will be sharing the stats daily. I will be charging till 80% and share it.

  • Here is what i got after formatting

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    The first day after formatting I got 11 hrs of SOT, then 2nd day (this includes Friday and Saturday) with light-mixed usage, and phone standby/idle sucking the most charge, got 10 hrs of SOT.

  • thejus44thejus44 Level 1

    Lol guys I have another experiment we could try out........ Its crazy, now I am the one with the battery issue I believe.

    My battery works perfectly normal otherwise, but only when I use Signal it takes a HUGE nosedive, I made a post about it here: TL;DR - I think the mobile radios are horribly unoptimized, which is what caused this. But this is a one-off situation, I don't think I could replicate it if I were to not use mobile data for heavy amounts of time. Anybody else notice a similar drain when you're using mobile data only?

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    I agree some aspects of the OS are quite unoptimized which lead to battery drain.

  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    I hope these stats are wrong, but the rate at which my charge is draining I think it might be accurate.

    I took the SS at 12:50, now at the time of upload, 12:55, the charge dropped to 97.


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    If only Asus could do this with their batteries I would be over the moon

    PS from a Nokia g 10 ( 5050 mah battery)

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    Damn, off topic but how did you take these long screenshots? Mine barely scrolls when I try using it.

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