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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus ROG Phone 5 Global
  2. Firmware Version: Latest
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Regular
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Battery mode: Dynamic

Refresh Rate: Auto

My new 3 days old ROG 5 is showing approx 6 hours of SOT with mixed usage and lasts for about 20 hours. So, I ran the AccuBattery Pro while charging the phone from 5% to 98%, and twice while charging from around 40% to 100%.

And here are the results, even after a total charge of 174%, it didn't charge to the capacity of 6000mAh.

Can anyone in the community perform the same test as well using AccuBattery Pro and see what the battery health and estimated capacity is?

For comparison I ran the same test on my almost 3 years old Oneplus 6T(2nd pic):

ROG Phone 5:

OP 6T:



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    Please any kind of help on this would be wonderful.

    @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Laura_ASUS

    Apologies in advance if caused inconvenience because of tagging.

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    43% health is showing for my device. Is really rog 5 battery 6000mah? May be they mout 2 3000 mah batteries serially.😀. Did you check charging voltage. Its 8,000mv 😀

  • @Anna-Kin It would be great if we all stick to 1 thread for a specific issue. This helps to avoid multiple thread and avoids confusion for the moderators

  • Hi Anna-Kin,

    I wouldn't deny that some Apps do work correctly. But, for Battery stats like health and other stats do check Settings => Battery. The inbuild stats are more accurate. A 3rd Party App may show inaccurate stats.

    For SOT - Please share the graph post charge to 100% and stats after the battery reaches to 10%

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    Yes, I agree. Here are some screenshots of charge stats, the battery life has been low, like 5-6 hours with light usage.

    Today's screenshot.


  • Anna-KinAnna-Kin Level 2

    Here is another screenshot in which Duo sucks the charge like juice.

    All in all, I am getting 6 hours of screen on time, Is it normal for a ROG Phone 5 with a 6000mAh battery to have 6 hours of SOT? Because the ton of reviews I have watched claimed more than 9 hours of mixed usage, and I am getting 3-4 hours less SOT.

    My replacement window ends tomorrow, a fast reply would be highly appreciated.

  • i think android system also use quite a lot battery too.

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    Here's my usage. I followed the tips from a user "Therazorsedge" on xda:

    1 # Disable: "Phone data always active" on developer settings, search on GOOGLE how to access to developer options.

    2 # Install latest WW rom from the zip on ASUS website >than .49 and do FULL WIPE.

    3 # IF YOU DON'T HAVE 100% SIGNAL ON 5G, DISABLE IT, cause don't work and drain battery.

    I'm running build 18.0840.2104.49, by the way.

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    Thanks a lot. I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind. 😅

    Are there a few hours of gaming involved in the above Screenshot?

    Could please tell me how much Screen time you were getting before the optimizations was it same as mine i.e. around 6 hours with light- mixed usage or more than 6 hours?

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    I haven't installed the WW Rom from website but, I am running the same build as yours.

  • @Anna-Kin Is you phone the Tencent version? Are you not running the Global Rom?

    Anyways i would still suggest go ahead and get a replacement done asap. Later it would be difficult for you bro

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    Its the global ROM, I meant I haven't downloaded and installed from the website.

    Yeah, i guess i ll try to get it replaced.

    @Reaperzwolf Just look at jus44's battery usage man. Its amazing. I mean.. how?

    I know that isnt the full screenshot, still it has 12 hrs of SOT with browsing, watching YouTube and texting, impressive.

  • Such type of SOT can be achieved if you barely use your phone and switch off the phone in between. There are gaps in the graph which is phone switched off. So coming to other parts he seems to have just utilised less apps.

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    Hi! No problem, I can give you some pointers I believe. I did game for a couple of hours but it was just crossy road, nothing too heavy. I just brought the device because it had great all round specs, I'm not really a mobile gamer. I do however, consume a lot of media (YouTube, browsing with over 15+ tabs open at all times)

    And as for how much SoT I was getting previously, honestly I can't answer that accurately, I'd only gotten the phone half a day ago with over 48% of the original charge before I wiped it. More on that below.

    I wouldn't be too worried about the gaps in the graph. The first thing I did with I got my phone was to unlock the bootloader (which automatically wiped my phone, BTW, which I believe greatly enhanced battery life) and root my phone, hence the gaps. The gaps are never truly there for more than 5 mins, and I believe there was also enough booting up (which takes up a lot of battery) to compensate. Nevertheless I've attached screenshots of my current battery status, with no gaps. I also noticed that you guys mentioned some apps like Duo sucking battery life, but it might be worth looking into disabling them. My refresh rate is set to "Auto", AirTriggers are off most of the time, 5g access is off, I'm using the stock android theme, RAM usage hovers around 4.2 GB at all times, and I would definitely recommend turning off "Mobile data" always turned on, in developer settings. And pleases before you exchange your phone, might be worth wiping it and starting from scratch so that any old cache that might be causing such issues is also gone. Please let me know if any of these tips worked :)

  • Well thanks for sharing your feedback. Well as far as my concern go over the hype and warranty stuff, i wouldn't advice to root the phone as it voids the warranty, and why shouldn't we use whats given and promised by the brand. Our test should be solely on how it was given and troubleshoot it and if any bugs or issues report so that it can be fixed by the devs. Yes hard reset the phone can be a way to check.

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    Thanks for the tips, I ll try the hardreset and follow your tips, except for the Rooting part, I want the warranty to stay 😁

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    @Anna-Kin @Reaperzwolf oh absolutely, rooting was not one of my recommendations, it was just an explanation as to why there were gaps in the battery chart. I haven't made any changes since rooting yet either, so if you just follow the other points you should be good to go.

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    So, I reset the phone, then disabled always-on LTE from Dev options, refresh rate is Auto, 5G is disabled, so.. let's hope for the best.

  • No. Just use it as normal. No need of disabling anything in developer mode. Yes since 5G is not there in India you may only keep that option disabled. Rest as usual. Charge phone to 100% without using it at all. Keep it at 100% for 10 extra mins. Unplug and allow it to cool for 10min and then start using, as usual, what you would like to do. Run it down to 10% and share your SS with us.

    Hopefully, you have also asked Flipkart for the Replacement!

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