ZF8 Hot when using Whatsapp Videochat

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Would be nice if you could fix the battery drainage and getting (very) hot when using Whatsapp Videochat.

In this example 38min Videochat made the phone hot to touch and drained 15.8% battery

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  • xiphiaxxiphiax Level 1

    2x downvote... Does that mean you have no issues with Whatsapp Videochat? Or you don't use it?

  • xiphiaxxiphiax Level 1

    I had to make a decision so I am going to return my ZF8 to the store.

    I use WhatsApp videocall on a daily bases and it makes the phone really hot and drains the battery.

    Too bad, because I really liked this phone...

    Example of today... 1,5 hours of gaming just took 3% and 30mins of videochat took 50% battery.

  • me.0mby8me.0mby8 Level 1

    Looking up the heating issue it seems to be a kinda open issue with the samsung produced 888 chip and the smaller size most likely is not helping it dissipate that heat. But I do also see people reporting good sot time so I guess some optimization to the kernal might help.

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    This forum is for ideas, not for budgixes. I suggest you to write in forum, related to your model.

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