Could Zenfone 8 get work profile and arcore functions in android 12?

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Some people really need those, like


And I need Google Arcore.

Zenfone 6, 7 are qualify for arcore.

As I know, Zenfone 8's hardware totally qualify arcore requirements.


BTW, why is asus not a partners ship Play Protect certified phones and tablets?

Does that means asus devices is not trustable?


  • The Android for Work profile is an excellent way to have access to work related account apps and settings. But keep it separated from your personal account and apps. I wonder if it would be possible to activate it on the Asus Zenfone 8. It seems the Android 12 beta release does support multiple accounts (although after adding a second one the account settings seem to crash often). Is there an opportunity this will be added in the future?

    There is an option to add a second Google account to the phone, inside Google apps you can then switch users. But I also have several apps, like discord, that I would like to use with both a personal and a work account. Although these app don't support it them self. With my previous phone I had access to Android for Work profile and could install it under both accounts.

  • Here is a list of Android Enterprise Recommended phones.

    As you can see, all the asus devices are not on the list.

    On contrary, almost all the samsung device are on the list.

  • I've merged the two threads concerning Work profiles

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    thx, but could you answer my question?

    I need arcore. And I don't know why is zenfone 8 doesn't have it

  • Google needs to certify the devices (that generally takes a while)

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    Zenfone 8 support Work Profiles (as part of Android Enterprise).

    ARCore should come when Google validates it in their next round of device approvals

    All of this is for ZenUI on ANdroid 11 and will be for ZenUI on Android 12, which has not been released.

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