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Everyone knows that the ZenFone with it's Flip Camera should be the best phone for content creation. That's what ASUS advertises it. With an exception: Being an Android phone. I think any actual content creators know of the limitations of Android phones when uploading something that then gets very compressed to social media, but especially about how much they compress the image when you record something with your Flip Camera directly from the app itself. So I would like to leave here a suggestion that a big majority of content creators would probably much appreciate to be integrated on the camera app.

1. Adding live filters while you take photos or record videos, similar, if not the same, somehow, to Instagram and Snapchat.

2. Adding the option to add music/sounds while you record videos on the camera app for those TikTok creators.

Just these two things would already revolutionise the way we create content with ZenFone. Because then, we would of course be able to automatically upload our stuff from the native camera app with way better quality than by attempting to record on the apps itself which we all know on Android the image you see from your camera being used in such apps is like 20 times worst/compressed than the one you get with the native camera app.

Thanks for listening to my feedback and hope this idea can go any further in the future, unleashing a whole new world of possibilities for everyone's creativity with ZenFone.

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  • Who even dares to downvote this is because.

    1. They clearly aren't or have never been content creators or

    2. They just can't read English and don't understand all the advertisement ASUS wants to do with this phone saying it's "the best for content creation" and then doesn't natively provides any app good enough to either edit them or allow you to record videos from a native resolution with added features from the apps you're going to post on on it's native resolution.

    Androids are terribly awful optimised for whoever wants to create content directly from their phones on the media apps. This can only be solved with a workaround that companies like ASUS could do on their own apps to help us. This idea is genius. Having those features on the native camera app or even in another app ASUS could create and name it Creator Master™️ or something.

    How could anyone be so out of their minds to downvote this twice.

    If you're here just to downvote this genius idea, get lost. Actual content creators will be grateful for that. Thank you.

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    I downvoted this because I can see a risk of bugs in native camera if this feature will be implemented.

    Come on, with Andoid 11 update developers removed one hand mode for ZF7 pro and remain silent, like everything is ok. And you are asking for a lot of features for native camera.

    Separate application would be fine.

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    Man, cmon, f social medias.

  • One hand mode is back on zen ui 8 skin for Zenfone 8, it's android 12 style one hand mode similar to one found on IOS

    Zenfone 7 series zen ui 8 update (on top of A12) will bring one hand mode back

  • topolovtopolov Level 3

    perfect, we just need to wait one year or more

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    Beta should start around September-October I guess

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