Does asus have an issues tracker page?

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Since asus have a lot of bugs. I am wondering, does asus have an issues tracker pages?


  • Nope there's no tracking page as such

    Mods read the posts/comments here and forward it to the devs

    And what bugs?list them here when a mod sees it he'll reply

    By the way many bugs have already been addressed in recent otas

  • I just want to tell how impressed I am with how quickly the mods replies and give the feedback to the devs. Fixes has so far been frequent and I do hope that they keep up the pressure on releasing security patches as well.

    I don't think I have had a phone where I feel that the feedback I provide matter as much as with Asus. I am not saying that anything we say will be fixed, but at least you will get a reasonable reply with their reasons.

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    Yeah by the way this new zentalk team came with Zenfone 6's launch before this there was an zentalk app and the experience there was pretty meh tbh with "robotic" mod responses and a lot of spam

    That app was depreciated and now only this browser version exists,the new mods are pretty active and friendly I've had numerous convos with various mods regarding updates,bugs and general questions

    Plus most mods are PM friendly :)

    From what I know this new team belongs to the global phone team and are in direct contact with devs and other Asus departments hence the quick solutions and faster tracking of issues compared to "normal" mods of some other tech forums

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