Android 11 Update and Black Crush Issue still not fixed

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Other phones are looking forward to android 12 and the asus rog phone 3 users even after buying a flagship phone haven't received android 11 update till now. The company released rog 5 less than a year after the launch of rog 3 and it looks like the whole focus is shifted to rog 5. A constant problem with ASUS Phones since I started using them in 2016 but still because of trust and constant assurance from the company regarding software updates I use asus phones, please deliver what you promise to your customers. The black crush issue looks like a permanent problem with the phone which can't be solved, even the first buyer of the phone can detect the problem at first glance but the company rushed the release and didn't solve the problem completely till now and released rog 5 with a better screen quality which should have been there in rog 3 the price being the same.


  • But what are you saying? Rog Phone 5 Screen has even worse quality than the 3.

    Android 11 will release soon but don't expect an improvement to android 10.

    Anyway despite black crush the phone doesn't have many annoying bugs that make android 11 so much necessary.. considering also that it doesn't add any extra useful features to the 10.

    I bought the phone for games not for waiting updates xd

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    Nah it isn't what's your source for R5 screen?

    Rog 5 uses an Samsung panel and most who have upgraded from 3 find 5's screen better

    Rog 3 reportedly uses an tianma panel

  • Same here,a GAMING phone is for playing GAMES,not watching movies after all

  • Rog 5 has all the problems a Samsung display has,black crush and green tint for example,so it's kind of worse once you even enter a dark level in a game...Or watch a dark movie

  • @Gustav_ASUS @Anders @ARP

    Let us hear it. Are there any plans to fix/improve the black crush issue at all? Because there is a way, known very well here to you.

    Every couple of weeks there is a new discussion for the issue being opened and things go unanswered.

    The same issue plagues the display on the Twinview Dock 3. With the accessory there is no tweaking allowed with the colour profile or use of Screen Balance which can take care of the issue on the phone's screen however temporary the solution is.

    We are told the display is being improved with every OTA which doesn't seem to be the case.

    I have been to the service center where i got my display replaced for another defect but that didn't affect the black crush. Also the guys there claimed not to know about this problem.

    This is a polite request to let the community know the way forward on this particularly annoying problem for an otherwise excellent device.

  • Even playing basic games like Prince of Persia revelations using emulator gives black tint and dead pixels which is annoying and I don't know which rog 5 you people have used but I've used around 4 of them and none of them has a black crush issue doing a basic thing like playing a youtube video, my rog 3 has a black tint on the home screen of the phone when it's on low brightness and people here are expecting me not to complain when it is causing a problem in everyday usage 🤣🤣 you should atleast expect what you pay for and paying for a gaming phone doesn't mean you shouldn't expect for updates when it's been months since it has been released on other phones. Being a blind follower of the company promotes them to release a phone like rog 3 even without basic tests of the screen. It's black crush issue is becoming worse day by day and a phone should do what its made to do, if it's a gaming phone it doesn't mean that all the other features of the phone like screen quality etc should be of a phone 10 times cheaper ( even they have a better screen quality ) I don't know what people expect but me being a customer expects atleast an above average screen for such a hefty amount and when I am spending my hard earned money on a flagship phone offered by a company I expect the company to provide support and solve problems for atleast another year. It looks like black crush issue is fully ignored and the company is expecting us to live with it no matter it gives a problem playing games which the phone is designed for @simo97.codega

  • As already mentioned, Rog5 has samsung panel with all the annoying things with it. such as the usual green tint:

    Not to mention the Rog5 has for unknown reasons a motion chip inside. God knows what ASUS was sniffing when going for that decision. They do gaming monitors with ELMB to reduce blur as much as possible yet build a motion blur chip into a gaming phone. I don't think I've ever seen a decision showing more disconnect to their user base than that motion chip decision on the Rog5.

    As far as the panel goes, It doesnt belong on a gaming phone.

  • why can't i upgrade android 11 😒😒 pls

  • Hi drishtantmahajan4059,

    For Black crush - Yes there are updates push which helps and optimizes the display, Will it be 100% solved the updates makes it better with each push. The solution I have been giving to all IN customers:

    If there is Black crush issue and even after software update and factory reset if doesn't satisfy the performance, Please visit the nearest service center. If any issues do let me know.

    For Android 11 it is already under BETA and the stable release is expected soon.

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