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Dear All,

While downloading the software, mistakenly i clicked the unlock software and run it. Unfortunately i lost all my data and i knew that i can not tecover. Now phone gives an error at boot that phone is not safe. İ didn't make any changes on the phone. İs there any way to fix it? Anybody can support?


  • It means your bootloader are open now. You can close it by fastboot command (I belive its: fastboot oem asus-lock). But you never will get OTA updates from now.

  • What iş the reason they are stopping software updates. İt was just a mistake and i am.looking to recover it. İ have no experience regarding Android and softwares.My aim was to load Android 10 due to some notification problems. Any way to recover it as it was?

  • You must have skipped though the popup mentioning warranty void etc. ASUS mods will not discuss this type of questions at ZenTalk but you can find all the information you seek at XDA forum

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