Improvements on Always On Panel

robybaggio11robybaggio11 Level 1
edited July 2021 in ZenFone 8
  • Can you please add the possibility to select which app notifications will be shown in the AOP?
  • Can you please show the calendar event of the day in the AOP?
  • A wider selection of clocks would be appreciated.

Thanks anyway, love the smartphone!


  • Your requests have been noted 👍️

  • The AOD always dim itself after about 10 secs and I suspect it is due to the light sensor. - 9 out 10 times will dim

    Especially in the day or under lighting conditions, the dimming makes the AOD almost impossible to see. It somehow defeats the purpose of me turning it on when i cannot see.

    I suggest to add a function whether to adjust the dimming based on sensor or make it always on to brightest. (or did i have a lemon set?)

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