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Hello, firstly I'm very happy with the new ZenFone 8 in general except for 2 major issues.

First is that there's no WiFi calling, this I've mentioned on another post, please sort this asap for UK EE.

The second however is that from 90% to 5% battery I'm only getting around 2/3hrs of screen on time. Now because I've no signal in my house, hence requesting WiFi calling, this is definitely having an effect. However, even when at work all day and coming back late I still barely get over 3hrs if I'm lucky. I make about 1 to 2hrs of calls, but it's supposed to do so much better, please help.

Any support would be appreciated.




  • Thought I'd leave some screenshots. Mobile standby is rinsing the battery.

  • They much improved screen off consumption with last update My consumption is under 20mA, before was 25-30mA (4G and wifi always connected).

  • I've already got this version. My mobile standby drain is more than my screen drain.

  • As you mention it seems you have zero reception in your home, not even 2G?

    While we are working on getting VoLTE enabled with operators in UK, VoWifi is a separate topic and requires almost equal effort - and in particular also requires cooperation from the operators themselves.

    If , for whatever reason, you cannot get a mobile signal in your home with Zenfone 8 and VoWIFI is a must-have, I would suggest checking with your reseller to return the device as we do not know a clear timeline for any of these items (as they are stricly speaking also beyond only ASUS control).

    As for high drain, it is likely , as you already narrowed down, due to no signal - the device is searching for signal continously. Try putting the device on airplane mode when at home and see if the situation improves?

  • "Try putting the device on airplane mode when at home".....Are you being serious??,why not tell him to turn the phone off all together while at home as this too would increase the battery life and be just as effective in not receiving or making calls as being on airplane mode!!,I think you miss the point of what a mobile phone should be able to do, namely make and receive calls when mobile.

  • Hmm... I think he meant it more like being a suggestion to try and test if things are related to signal searching.

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    OP mentioned that they arent getting a mobile signal at all at their home. It did not seem that this was entirely surprising - while it may be surprising to us, we do not know if that is a very specific remote location without actual service or not.

    As for the drain, airplane mode at home would make no impact at all to the actual current status - since there is no signal - and it makes for debugging the drain status.

    OP has not inquired why the Zenfone 8 does not receive a signal at all at the location - 2G reception should be rather ubiquitous but there can always be these fringe cases where there is simple no mobile service in a certain area.

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