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I know that face unlock isn't considered as a safe security feature to rely on in compare to a fingerprint sensor. But I am wondering how the phone can detect my face covered in face mask ( and I have a large one!) and unlock the phone? Is this normal? I remember when I was using my old Xiaomi Mi 10 that it didnt react at all to my face in face mask..


  • Mine don't either. Your mask may follow your nose lines better I guess.

  • Our face unlock can do mask detection and if the face data is still deemed as accurate enough from the exposed bit, it will unlock.

    If it isnt, it wont unlock. Every face and scan state will vary as such and it does not mean all masked faces can unlock.

  • I don't know if the face recognition algorithm of the zenfone 8 is that sophisticated or if it is just not enough precise, but you as a human are able to recognize a person even with a face mask, so potentially also a good algorithm can.

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