Performance drop + touch screen and headphone jack issues



  • krnapjkrnapj Level 2

    I will try out codm , but you can atleast try to fix the low mic sound on the phones port .if you may. Because that issue is not there on the aerocoolers headphone jack . I don't think that could be related to the server issue , noone else has that .

  • Yeah. Same tying with mine. Its like im whispering. According to my teammates. I have been using the same earphones with rog 3, but the microphone quality with rog 3 is okay.

  • I couldnt be bothered to read your blahblah to be honest, I only saw this and instantly figured out you're mentally damaged, your constant lying confirmsed by this:

    I had a liquid cooled pc with 3 screen setup in 2012 with dual GTX 980 n i72700k .

    Having a GTX 980 3 years before release and liquid cooling before it was a thing. Your lying skills are quite bad, you have confirmed my suspicion. You're a casual that has never seen competitive ground nor a high end PC, you're clueless to the max and are not qualified to take any partition in any debate surrounding competitive gaming on any platform.

    I don't know why you try and lie the whole time but I suggest you grow up and just admit you're a clueless casual that just came here to get destroyed by competitive gamers because your masochism wants you to be destroyed, apparently feeling embarresment makes you feel good. You have completely made a fool our of yourself and the laughing stock of the forum, congratz.

  • krnapjkrnapj Level 2

    Hats off , bdw 980 was launched in 2014. Now I get everything you're saying , you are actually running a couple years behind which why you have all those views, must have been 880 it was 9 years back , no need to get cocky. And liquid cooling might not have been a thing for you but cooler master n corsair had launched their radiators , but I got a custom kit from usa , imported it .I might even have a import reciept in my email , if I find as much free time as you ,maybe I ll look for it n post it here just to shut you up.

  • 880 never existed outside notebooks. Another proof of your blatant ignorance and sheer stupidity.

    Hello clown of the forum, how are you?

  • You sure like getting embarrsed alot.

    Also watercooling back in 2012 was pretty garbage, even if what you're saying was true it only adds to the absolute ignorance and stupidity you're currently presenting, not to mention I love how you're completely ignorant how bad SLI was to the point where it has been completely abandoned due to its absolutely horrendous nature having only very very few selected titles that could even use SLI which would in turn cause major issues such as microstuttering.

    The more you post, the more embarresing it gets, seriously, stop acting like a competitive player, you're absolutely clueless and you're making all competitive players wonder why such a casual such as yourself tries make himself seem like a competitive player with blatant lies, there is nothing wrong in being a clueless casual, hell by far the most players are clueless casuals that just want to enjoy their gaming experience which there is no shame in it. So stop it for your own sake, you have lost all credability and at this point people take as you seriously as a kindergartner challening a boxer to a fight, it's seriously embarresing.

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