Performance drop + touch screen and headphone jack issues

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:Rog -5
  2. Firmware Version: everything updated to latest version
  3. Rooted or not:no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:quite frequently
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

I bought rog 5 , after reading about its specs , but it does not give stable fps in pubg , from 60-30 sometimes 7 even 1 . What kind of gaming phone is this if it's fps drops below 30 even at 36 c temp. ?

I shifted from iphone xr to this rog 5, worst mistake of my life .

Driving a vehicle is also not smooth even at 60 fps , it is not smooth at all.

Aerocooler 5 is also just a waste of money , it lowers the temp by only 3 degrees and you guys advertised that it lowers the temp by 10-15 degrees, what a scam .

And if I plug in my hyper x headphones on the phones 3.5 mm jack , my teammates cannot hear me ( ofcourse, when I am not using the aerocooler) but when I plug it into the aerocooler 3.5 mm jack , they can hear me fine , what is that about ?

Also , I don't know if you can notice / understand it or not , but while firing the corsair automatically kind of jumps upward and leftward , I have attached a video of it , it does not happen every time but happens very frequently so you can't ignore it .

So many problems , if you cannot fix these things I might have to go back to my iphone XR n I will never buy android for life .




  • Please don't blame android on this, it's just Rog5 is a disaster phone I already warned tons of users of it. The Rog3 does a much much much better job and is way more stable.

    I already kept crying about its performance and frametime issues but nothing seems to have changed yet. There are also other issues such as unknown throttling happening if you utilize the GPU to much as well.

    As for the microphone issue it's a known issue and hasnt been fixed yet, we have a topic with list of bugs. Personally played pubg very shortly 90fps stable, no drops at all, smooth sailing on the Rog3 while also playing CODMobile as my main shooter game at 120fps stable no lags. There are some very good options out there such as the RM6 or blackshark 4 that would probably make you happy.

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    Maybe , but I am realising iphone may have fewer features but the perfection which they have in those features is unmatchable , they may not have vapour chambers or stuff like that but they donot need that , if you see the latest iPad pro with m1 chip , it does not heat and has unmatchable performance with stable frame rates which are also the highest than any other devices available. I don't blame android but I don't wana get into this I can pay n I want performance n now m sure more than ever that android is the way to go , their devices even if old give the same stable performance . They don't even advertise their phones as gaming phones but they give the best gaming performance.

  • Comparing an ipad with a phone is plain stupid. Then Ill go further and say, oh ipad? it sucks compared to my 13" gaming notebook, see how it can then go on to desktop debate again? The ipad is a weird device to begin with, I don't see any reasons for its existance as its to large to be considered portable, so buying a gaming notebook would make much more sense or something like a surface book 3 instead of an M1 Ipad.

    Overall the Iphones are "ok", but they are inferior to good gaming phones, it has been tested that phones like the black shark simply have competitive advantages over the Iphone, not only higher refreshrate, lower input latency, physical buttons but also sound improvements making you hear steps easier and so on.

    As for your claim that Ipad with M1 chip has unmatchable performance, depending on game it's simply untrue, since games are capped at 60fps for the most part. For instance I would never be able to play CODmobile at 120FPS on the Ipad, while on my Rog3 I happily play on 120FPS.

    While you can compare the phone to an Iphone, don't compare it to the Ipad, as it's simply a different device altogether.

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    It was just a reference dude , chill and u might wana refresh your knowledge, the latest iPad has 120hz refresh rate even the last iPad pro had and it gives stable 110-120 fps on genshin impact and no temperature throttling.there is no other gaming notebook that can do that.

    And 0 players who play competitive need those extra buttons , in theory ofcourse there are alot of improvements , but if you listen to the sound , sound on an older iphone is better even without these sound enhancements , all the competitive players of India play on iphone , there is not a single player who uses blackshark or any for that matter , out of India all the Chinese streamers are playing on iphone 8 plus not even the latest ones n they are more than satisfied . Don't read too much into specs , it doesn't matter in the end optimisation matters. My friend has black shark , I use hyper x headphones ,if I compare their sound on black shark rog 5 n my iphone XR , they sound much much better on the iphone XR .

    What will you do with higher refresh rate when these phones don't give stable fps ?

    They may have lower latency too , but because of poor optimisation accross various apps the outcome is not as expected.

    What will you make of lower latency if you're always dieing of d-sync ? I never felt d-sync on my iphone, but on this rog there is alot of that happening.

    In theory rog 5 has vapour chamber + aeroactive cooler but does it stay cool ? Nope , on the other hand iphone never heats up .

    And surface book 3 ? On full hd resolution ? will overheat in 10 minutes n there will be a massive performance drop.

    You really have read alot into the specs , get a little first hand knowledge.

    You can google the performance of the latest iPad pro 2021 n then Lemme know where your 13" notebook stands ?

    I had a very high end notebook but it used to overheat alot n then I assembled a gaming pc with liquid cooling , after that I moved to hostel n had to sell it . So , I hv had all these debates n I have first hand review of all these things m not saying what I heard.

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    That is your personal view that it's not portable or weird, but everyone is using it , by the time you grow up you ll see alot of architects or spl. Medical students use iPad to take notes n they take the 12.9 inch iPad everywhere they go .

    P.s : I am one of them .

  • You're one of the clueless users so let me clue you in.

    Just because you have a 120hz screen, doesn't mean the game will run at 120FPS. They are both not related to each other at all, genshin impact is capped at 60fps, no matter the platform, it doesn't matter if its android, IOS, PC, Playstation or whatever else they ported the game on, it's always 60fps unless you modify the game engine.

    Also Genshin impact is an extremely lightweight game as far as gaming notebooks and PC's are concerned. To illustrate how low the requirements are on maxed settings my graphicscard only utilizes around 15% of its performance. If i push the resolution to 4k with graphics mods and ray tracing it will hit around 50% only. I don't know where your weird idea of gaming notebooks cannot handle a lightweight game like genshin is coming from but it's adorable how clueless you are.

    As a competitive player with an audiofile headphones, I can tell you have no idea what you're talking about. Soundstage and boosted mids are the bread and butter to hear soundsteps. Competitive players like me know exacly what I'm talking about, the fact that you're a casual doesn't help your case.

    The reason why you see so many Iphones instead of gaming phone is simple, many tournaments forbid gaming phones as they give to much of an advantage over normal phones.

    The fact you think Iphone XR sounds better than Rog5 either implies you have great delusion or are simply lying. Iphones are known for having terrible audio IC's, this is no secret.

    They do give stable FPS, no idea where you get the idea from that they don't, I have stable 120FPS on CODM.

    Optimizations of apps that arent relevant for the game don't matter as long you're not dumb enough to have all your apps running in the background.

    dsync is happening due to piss poor netcode, it's well known that pubg has terrible netcode to begin with and the more apart the devices are in terms of performance the more peekers advtange you will experience. If you're a good player playing on 90FPS vs 60FPS you will basicially kill people without them seeing you due to peekers advantage, this gets especially noticable when people start using 165FPS mode on phones like the RM6.

    The Iphone heats up tremediously, the Iphone has a piss poor cooling solution which makes the heat transfer a huge problem. This means demanding tasks will make the device throttle really hard, emulation at high resolutions for instance is absolutely impossible on iphones, they will dim screen and performance will degrade extremely fast making it unplayable this also goes for demanding games as well.

    Surface book 3 doesn't overheat, sorry to say. Infact it easily outperforms the Ipad in any way. Practical eample would be League of legends (desktop version), the Ipad can barely muster 60fps with drops below 50 on heavy teamfights while the surface pro has well over 200FPS. The difference is a joke honestly, the fact that you're unaware of this is also a great sign how clueless you really are.

    Overall you have demonstrated extreme lack of knowledge and I would absolutely recommend you inform yourself before posting nonsense like you did, you don't want to look stupid now, would you?

    Professionals tend to use the surface lineup over the Ipad at least where I live, there are just way to many usecases where the surface lineup just craps on the Ipad. I suppose you can use it for basic tasks like taking notes, at least that, it can do. Overall you condecending tone towardrs me while showcasing great ignorance is indeed amusing to see, keep up making a clown of yourself mr. student who uses his ipad for notes (lol).

  • Here is a practical example on how the Surface pro is just a superior device for actual professionals:

    But this is going offtopic and I don't want to destroy your dreams to much, I mean being an apple fanboy and trading rational thinking for a disposable device is quite the sad story.

  • I mean,they think India and China have only competitive players sooooo

    That's a giveaway of ignorance right there

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    Sorry I confused genshin impact with something else .

    Ofcourse, that is what I was saying when you said that black shark has higher frame rate , I said what ll u do of those frame rates when games aren't optimised for that ? U said you can never play codm at 120 fps on ipad , that's not true .just wait for the update . iPad pro with the m1 chip has just been launched.

    And all your information is biased , you obviously have not used the iphone or the ipad pro 2021 .

    Surface pro ? Lol it heats up on simple tasks and it's pen also has lag .

    And 200 fps ? It doesn't even have the screen to support that . I don't know which ipad you are talking abt , again compare the m1 chips performance to any of the device you can think of n then talk, don't give me outdated information.

    Just because you can't afford something doesn't mean you have to criticise it .

    I am a casual ? Lol

    I was in the competitive scene before you hit puberty , in 2012 in cod modern warfare pc tournament byoc . Also, I stream pubg .

    I am telling you that practicaly the sound of my headphones on the iphone is better , if you don't wana believe it , it doesn't matter .

    You are just another person with a biased view who just believes what ever is advertised.

    Iphones have poor cooling systems because they don't need one , ofcourse the brightness drops but that drops on rog 5 too.

    I don't time to go into all the hardware details now , it's not my time m not a student but a doctor I dont have to know n neither I know if iphones have poor audio ic or whatever but they sound better . Period .

    I don't wana know your perception because clearly you have not used apples devices , so please keep your views with yourself .

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    I just quoted abt the people abt I know , did I mention that there are no competitive in other countries ?

    omg I can't argue with kids.

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    I will debunk your pitiful statements one by one since I have detected quite a few fanboyish misinformation

    If an android phone has more than 60 fps,and in this case,the black shark,there are multiple ways to unlock the frame rate either by modding the graphics files or rooting the phone something that iPhones and iPad's will Never succeed at cause you paid a scummy price for scummy treatment

    He,or anybody for that matter,doesn't have to get scammed by apple in paying for less features etc,Many videos on YouTube have unbiased proof of iPhones being shitty at gaming and the whole argument of the M1,it's a laptop chip designed for a smaller body,it's comparable to a measly i3

    Also,by your fanboyism I can already tell you are a wanna be Indian livestreamer like the hundreds on youtube,give us Solid proof of your competitiveness,and iPhones being better than gaming phones or iPad's being better than surface pros with Unbiased youtube videos

    Unless you share this amount of proof,your claims are all biased fanboyish and invalid

    You can't compare the iPhones speakers with any phones with front firing speakers and the whole fact that it hasnt an efficient cooling system for that price,it further proves how scummy apple is and how ignorant their buyers are,for buying an expensive product that will burn itself in a year of use

    The rog 3 doesn't dim brightness on any temps,it can beat the 12 pro max in terms of gaming,and mind you it's 1 generation behind

    I highly doubt that a no life competitive Cod player,has enough time,money and brains to get a job as a doctor

    Why not prove that in some way that doesn't expose your identity? A doctor should be able to do something like that

  • Isheeps are already a dead giveaway of 12 year old kids who just don't want to accept ideas different than their own

    The fact you didn't mention The USA,EUROPE,AUSTRALIA etc as being competitive so yeah,not a very good view from you

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    I really don't have to prove anything to you , I am talking about 2012 that was before I went to med school .I did not talk about speakers I am only talking abt the sound on headphones 🙏.

    That is your thinking that a cod competitive player doesn't have the time money n brain to be a doctor , in reality all of us were either aspiring engineers or smthn else , not everyone needs money , some are in it just for the sake of fun .

    If I was really a fanboy I wouldn't have given rog 5 a chance , but I gave it a chance and I have formed my own opinion by using the both .

    And exactly my point , people like who don't have time to get into all the modifications ,like you said modding the graphics file and all who just want a decent performance with the factory settings n have money , shouldn't go for android .

    Just to indulge you a little more , I can't ofcourse put my I cards but I ll Post a pic of a whatsapp group in which m studying if you can google what usmle is maybe you can understand what I am talking about

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    Dude I ll only talk abt the people I see , people from china n india Indonesia were in the same group in pubg worldwide tournaments so I am talking abt them cuz I have seen them . Just relax , I am not obliged to name each and every country it was a point which you most definitely are missing

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    And you think you can't do that on an iPad ? Lol I see , talking to the wrong people here , you need to ofcourse shack up a bit more bucks for the usb 3 to camera adopter for the ipad, but people are doing professional drawings architecture n so much more on the ipad .

  • No you can't. It's quite clear you're absolutely clueless at this point, why do you even try?

    You cannot do these kind of things due to the absolutely limited IpadOS that doesn't even have the drivers for such things, the Ipad is lightyears away from being a professional device. As a casual such as yourself it's very clear you do not know the limitations as you never tried to use it professionally in the first place.

  • Hi krnapj,

    Can you confirm this issue with any other game?

    PUBG Mobile in India specifically is limited due to the ban and server up and down can cause the issue. Not limiting only PUBG Mobile and server issue but if other games have similar behavior can check.

  • You demonstrate again extreme lack of understanding how things work, so let me enlighten you once again.

    There is no such thing as a "game optimized" for framerates. As for your CODM claim, well that's only wishful thinking. The Ipad had 120hz screens for years and there is still no 120hz update in sight. As far as crossplay is concerned the android segment has clear advantages over IOS if you use a proper device.

    My information is unbiased and factual correct. Wheter you like it or not these are simply true statements that have been measured and proven.

    As for your surface pro statement, depending on model you are correct. As for your pen statement, it greatly depends on quality, resolution and application you're using, since you don't have a surface pro you'd obviously not know. Same goes for the Ipad as well.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but higher FPS than refreshrate absolutely makes sense, as there are multiple benefits for that as well, this is why you see in the pro league that everyone plays uncapped FPS. Specifically in the case of Pubg FPS is direcly tied to recoil and firerate.

    Here a perfect example of how higher framerate gives you an advantage. Again due to your ignorance of the competitive gaming world you obviously lack the knowledge.

    Also I'll ignore your claims about your "competitive" carrer, as it's pretty obvious by now you're a casual that has no knowledge whatsoever. While you were probably not even born i was tinkering with my CS settings on my old 100hz CRT monitor.

    So lets check out that stream of yours, you are welcome to link it, I want to see how "good" you are and how well you understand how to stream. I don't even stream mobile games but I'm quite certain my streaming setup is probably more professional than yours to begin with.

    I have no reason to believe a random user on zentalk over the thousands and thousands of people and reviews stating objectively otherwise.

    As for your constant bias claim, thus far you have proven you're the bias person as all you did so far was spout nonsense after nonsense without a shred of evidence.

    i use apple devices quite often due to the nature of some of my work. Since apple forces people who want to develop IOS applications to have a macbook and for testing have to register an Iphone, so yeah your claim of me not having an apple device doesn't quite hold water now does it? Also I have right next to my macbook my hackintosh notebook which is fully functional on all ports, working keyboard shortcuts and all acceleration and drivers work as intended, for those who do hackintosh, understand how impressive that actually is.

    So far you have embarresed yourself quite a lot.

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    I think a wall will be smarter than you . Talking to you is like banging my head against the wall. I did post something revealing abt myself but the mod deleted it , which made me realise I really don't have to prove anything to loosers like you , just sitting behind a screen n blabbering in the forum's , whereas I had posted a query for the asus people , so lonely n such a loser that u r butting in everywhere , I said what will you do with 200 fps when your screen doesn't have that much refresh rate n u shared a link which is saying that 60 fps in necessary .. lol big revelation. Thank God for telling me , in your next reply also tell me how many seconds are there in a minute .please enlighten me . I do have the ipad pro 4th gen and I have pre ordered the latest iPad pro 12.9 " , waiting on its delivery, so don't tell me same goes for ipad , apple pen doesn't have lag , and I draw complex neuronal anatomy diagrams with it .in the end you are just a looser trying to feel good about yourself by blabbering here , but you cannot even understand simple English so as to what I am saying n you are just constantly blabbering on , saying what you can . I had a liquid cooled pc with 3 screen setup in 2012 with dual GTX 980 n i72700k .

    Sure if the s pen lags it's because of app 🤣 cool. Bdw you can directly connect any camera to iphone or ipad n view or edit the images on them directly by using lightning to USB - 3 camera adaptor, n hackintosh sounds just abt right for you.

    Garage band users using professional instruments are stupid , pete johns showing how he connects multiple audio interfaces to the ipad for his mixing is stupid , artist using ipad for designing are also stupid , everyone is stupid only you are smart , going off topic n just doing blah blah blah .

    In the end you are just a looser , behind a screen with no real life , but I do have life outside of these things being a doctor , so sure I am not all the details of modifications n game engines n ol ,because that's not my field , I have a field in which I excel, I had genuine issues for which I was seeking help but you had to butt in , but I forgive you cuz I pity you .

    Not gona indulge you anymore , cuz I am bigger than this .

    Edit : sorry abt the sound claim , sound on rog is definitely better after toggling the equalisers

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    Bdw mr.competitive no one plays on uncapped fps in competitive , everyone plays with 120 lock fps.

    Ofcourse , both is n android platforms are different, you cannot compare them , both have their pros n cons , I just highlighted the ease which I had in my tasks , ofcourse cross platform connectivity is better on android , I just wanted to highlight that you can do some of those things too on ipad but with a few catches.

    I had a genuine querry , being shifted from os to android only to find out that fps drops on the from 60 to 1 or 7 , n d sync in more as compared to my old iphone , rather than being a level 4 n consoling/ reasurring someone in this mental agony you decided to boast abt your field . 😂 Awesome , going good .

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