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Is there any chance to disable skin smoothing completely on the front cam? Even after disabling all effects it's still present and clearly visible.




  • I was about to ask the same question,front camera quality is bad IMO,outside in broad daylight,the results are good,although skin is slightly blurry and smoothed,there is a beauty mode always on despite that its turned off.

    When i take selfie indoors,results are very blurry overall. And in the slightest room darkness quality drops dramatically. There must be software problem with this, i have lates updates.

  • I have experienced this as well

  • Hi

    I've mentioned this in another thread but we dont have a deliberate "skin smoothing" outside of "Beautification" mode.

    What you may see however is the more aggressive noise reduction, which we do employ in selfie camera, this could be what you are seeing as "skin smoothing" (as noise reduction reduces details - and noise).

    We'll continue to tweak the camera performance. Thank you for your feedback!

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    Can you implement an option to turn that noise reduction off for the front camera then?

  • Before asus fixing that, I suggest you using third party app, like gcam for zenfone 8.

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