Microphone issue with CoD Mobile

1) ROG 5 sound recorder works with microphone, 2) Call of Duty Mobile software microphone checked on, 3) ROG 5 Call of Duty Mobile microphone permissions set ON, 4) video screen recording works fine, - however, the microphone will not record my voice while screen recording is activated. Everything is checked good-anyone have any idea why voice cannot be recorded during game play screen recording? I’m beginning to believe the two functions aren’t software designed to work together??


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    The same issue with mine and it is happening to all of the games when using microphone in game, such as PUBG. For some reason when you turn on the in game microphone, screen recording using microphone input will not capture audio. But when you turn off the microphone in game, it can screen record with microphone on it input. Which means it is having conflicts with the microphone use when using screen recording with microphone input and in game microphone on.

    This is not present with rog 3.

    Further more when you screen record with microphone input with using the speaker of the phone, the sound of recording is really awful. I dont know why this is happening. I hope this is only software issue because with rog 3. Everything regarding screen recording is good. The only thing with rog 3 is, it has a cap in screen recording. It can only record upto 3.87 gb

  • You can also check my vids that i tested the screen recording with microphone input, with and without in game microphone "Internal & Microphone Audio Problem."

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