Problems with GeForce Now (Asus rog phone 5)

Model Name: Asus rog phone 5 (no root)

Firmware Version: 18.0840.2104.47:

Frequency of Occurrence: All the time

APP Name & APP Version : Geforce Now 5.37.29952073

If you are not aware, the phone has issues with the app GeForce Now. it makes everything lag, but competitive cloud services like Stadia & xCloud / GamePass works fine + other android devices doesn't have the problem either.

I have spoken with GFN support and reported the problem. but I'm doubtful it will get fixed if the community doesn't speak out. It seem to be bad optimized or more likely a bug that makes it laggy.. I can't tell which side.. something on the phone or something with app.

I have talked a few people with the same phone on reddit, so I know it isn't just me with the problem.

I hope the problem would get fixed, so I can buy the Kunai and play some games.


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