TUF Dash F15 FX516PM with i5 11300h and 3060 low cpu and high gpu usage

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I have a problem with cpu usage in games. When i playing my cpu ang gpu works fine in RE Village and i have about 100 fps but it start to slow down to 75-60-50-35 fps and cpu usage makes lower from 80% to 40-50% and gpu still 98%. I can solve the problem with restarting the game. I have the same thing in other games. If i drop settings to low it's nothing changes and Armory Create doesn't help. Actually i have about 130 fps in cs:go and it's drop to 45 without Vsync😑. I have the latest Windows, all drivers and BIOS.

Pls help me and sorry for my english.

From Russia with love😄


  • Hi there,

    Can you check if you have set the game to be run by the NV card in Nvidia control center?

    And please share a screenshot of Armrouy Crate when the issue happen.

    Thank you.

  • Hi! Yes i use NV card of cource. I can't share screenshot of AC because i don't have this issue right now. But i made screenshots (photos) from Geforce Experience when the issue was and after when it was ok in Resident evil 8.

    Translating from russian on screenshots:

    Степень загрузки ЦП - CPU usage

    Степень загрузки ГП - GPu usage

    Кадров/с - FPS

    With issue:

    Without :

    Kindom Come: Deliverence on the medium settings with issue:

    BTW i just played this game with 60-90 fps and CPU usage was jumped from 50% to 95% when i just staing and do nothing.


  • Hi there,

    Please kind share Armoury Crate screenshot if possible.

    And I would like to know which mode you set the device to.

    Thank you.

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