ZenBook UX305F doesn't power up after BIOS upgrade

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  1. System: Laptop
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: UX305F
  4. Frequency of occurrence: All the time
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Hello All, I just updated BIOS (using an external USB drive) on my ZenBook UX305F with the BIOS I downloaded from Asus website (version UX305FA-AS.216). The BIOS update took the new version of the file and it seemed like everything was going well with the installation till the software installation went into a restart and the laptop never restarted. I tried hard reset (> 40 Seconds with both Battery and charger removed) and it looks like the BIOS upgrade bricked my laptop. There is battery light (on the side) when I connect the adapter and I don't see power button light coming up or the light bulb (LED) on the side come up either. Any help to recover and get back would be appreciated. Thanks, Sunny


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    I would recommend that you should consider a clean install of your existing Windows 10. You can use below guide by Greg Carmack, MVP for this purpose. This is the best method to perform a clean install of Windows 10. (If you want to rescue your files, there is a section Rescue Files when Windows Won't Start)

    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes. I will keep working with you until it's resolved

  • Thanks for your comments.. I'm not even able to get the Laptop to power up, leave alone a clean install on windows 10... so, getting the Laptop to come up is my first task.. :)

    You mentioned a guide above, can you please post the link? Thanks

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    Perhaps this can help you... good luck


  • Is there a way to remove the CMOS battery for this BIOS to be reset?

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    Don't know that particular model, but perhaps is best to wait until monday to have a more official answer from someone from Asus.

    Perhaps @Blake_ASUS can help you...

  • Thanks for everyone's help so far.. Here's what I have done so far

    I disconnected the main battery cables by removing the connector from its socket. I located the CMOS battery for the BIOS and I disconnected it from the circuit by removing its connector for some time. Now, keeping the main battery disconnected, I put back the CMOS battery and plug in the adapter plug. Surprise, the notebook comes up. But, there is no light on the power button. There is light on the side though.

    Now, if I put back the main battery and try to turn on the notebook, it doesn't come up with or without the adapter power. There is no light on the power button either. So, in summary the laptop only comes up when the CMOS battery connections are interrupted and reconnected along with the adapter being plugged in. When I put back the main battery after the notebook comes up, the notebook recognizes the battery and nothing bad happens... It looks like I have lost on/off control through the power button as well.

    I have reset the windows with a clean install and downgraded the BIOS to 206 version ( I had 216 recently) and it doesn't seem to make any difference. All of this issues started with my touchpad being stuck, which prompted me to upgrade the BIOS and now I'm seeing a host of issues.. Sorry for the whole spiel.

    I hope someone from Asus can help me here.

  • Hello Sunny,

    I'm really sorry to see this post.

    Please kindly send your device to our service center to do a complete examination and reset.

    Really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

  • @Blake_ASUS - Thank you for your message.

    I'm here in the US. How can I reach out to your service center ( in US) and get this resolved based on your recommendation? I'd like to keep my repair expenses low.


  • Hello Sunny,

    For US costumer, you can call our local agent, or apply online RMA yourself.

    Thank you.

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