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======================================== it is now the 5/6/21; and the zenfone 7 is still on the 5/3/21/ security patch. Am I the only one who is a bit annoyed that Asus have not passed on our security patches since March. Especially as the zenfone 7 is the top tier phone for Asus,

Not good enough . It's bad enough being attacked by the Asus , yes people,( you know who you are) for even asking about security patches , but just being ignored by the MOD'S when asking is just to much.

You either know when we can expect some attention or you don't but either way let the masses know.

For every one person who may attack me for being so forward as to even ask, there are a hundred that want an answer,now !

Better still,an update now, oh no, now I've done it , I said a dirty word Upd &$+ now! Sorry?

PS show your support give it a,me too ,or thumbs up,

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    Well thank god for small mercies, I finally got an update but only the 5/4/21 security patch ( and some A11 tweeking). I am hopeful that the patches for may & June will follow but not holding my breath, but thanks for the update much appreciated👍


  • Asd518Asd518 Level 1

    The truth is that it is annoying. All the devices I own have been updated in May, OnePlus 6t and Samsung Tablets. Asus does not have a plan to update and is always late this is annoying and bad experience for their device

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
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    Thank you for your support , my wife's Nokia phone gets an update every month and that only cost me a fifth of what I paid for this is

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    I have the feeling that we have been left suddenly and unexpectedly behind; I do neither know the reasons nor want to know them but I am almost convinced that this Asus device is the first and the last one I bought.

    Do not misunderstand me: I love it but in 2021, after having spent 700 euro, I cannot tolerate graph glitches and other weird behaviors that never appeared in cheaper phones and seem to be far away to be fixed.

  • topolovtopolov Level 3

    Personally, I don't have any software or hardware problems. I don't like that Asus deleted some features like one hand mode and keep ignoring that fact.

    Also, guys, please go to settings - security and see that security patch highlighted with red color.

    I also can check Oppo and few Galaxies from my relatives. Even old Galaxy A7 2018 have March patches don't highlight that.

    So with Asus it looks soooooo stupid, you developer guys have implemented that feature which indicates the outdated security system - and you don't update security. Basically, it's your level of professionalism.

  • topolovtopolov Level 3

    Actually, I do not have software or hardware problems. I don't like that fact that Asus deleted some features like one hand mode and keep ignoring that fact.

    Guys, please go to settings - security and see security patch highlited with red.

    I also can check Oppo and few Galaxies from my relatives. Even old Galaxy A7 2018 have March patches don't highlight that.

    So with Asus it looks soooooo stupid, you developer guys have implemented that Android feature which indicates the outdated security system - and you don't update security. Basically, it's your level of professionalism.

    (Advice - if you can't implement latest patches, don't highlight that)

  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    Yeah they really are quite slow, even more so now that the Zenfone 8 has been released. I fear they will disregard the 7 even more than they already have been. And they ignore a lot of proper suggestions. Such a shame when the damn phone is not even a year old!

  • Well let's not let them forget us , keep nagging at them through this forum and we may get somewhere.

    I know that if we don't because we are afraid of being accused of,, spamming,,we will get nothing!!!

  • New firmware with latest security patch is released please update👇


  • Hmmm I doubt this is the latest security patch. We are in June so the latest security patch would be May if June was not released yet.....To be honest this update is just to make some voices shut up....I still have the notification issue, whatsapp scroll lag, AOD was not updated as it would have been nice since they have changed it for ZF8 to show icons, VOLTE is still missing and we are definitely NOT on the latest security patch...Should I continue with my issues? Really disappointed on the updates and fixes that Asus has provided for the ZF 7 series...

  • CVonCCVonC Level 2

    FFS it's so BS how all the admins are so active on the Zenfone 8 forum and practically abandoned us on here.

  • I suppose that shows that the zenfone 8 has many bugs

  • Having just checked my wife's Nokia g 10 ( which is one of Nokia's New lines) it only has the 5/4/21 security patch also.

    I thought it was on the May patch but I was mistaken.

    We are still behind but we are not alone*! ? Or so it would seem

  • I've already explained the whatsapp scroll issue. It's a battery optimization feature and not a bug.

    We still don't know why you and some others have a notification issue but we're still working on it. It would have been much easier if this was an issue that everybody has or that is easy to find. But we will get there.

    Don't expect our phones to be on the latest security patch. A security update is not something we simply upload right after we receive it from Google. It takes time to implement with all the changes we've made with ZenUI. We need to test for bugs etc.

  • How come this whatsapp feature is only for zenfone 7 pro and not others? My wife's pixel 3a does not suffer from this issue and it is a way lower spec'd SOC on the pixel.

    Other phones that we have also don't suffer from this "feature" (samsung galaxy s10, xiaomi mi mix, huawei p30 pro). Hell even zenfone 7 pro did not suffer from this on A10....so how can you explain this? Maybe the same battery optimization "feature" is to blame also for notifications...

  • From a cheap $300 Nokia g 10 if they can do it why can't you know who???

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