Weird notification bar behaviour in some galleries and Twitter apps


I've been noticing the notification bar behaving weirdly in my gallery app of choice, as well as in most Twitter apps with full screen image viewing: the notification bar disappears, but the image does not extend over it to fill the entire screen, and instead there is just a black bar at the top of the screen, or in the worst case scenario (Flamingo for Twitter) a portion of the app's interface behind the picture.

Is it possible to make fullscreen images actually fill the whole screen?


  • barrettgoatbarrettgoat Level 1
    edited June 7

    So an update just came out seemingly addressing this issue, and I've noticed a slight change in Flamingo which occurs when you slide the finger in a weird way from the edge of the screen down and to the side, however in the gallery I'm using there's still a black bar on top of the screen in the full screen mode.

    I am attaching two screen recordings to illustrate the issues I've been having. These have just been recorded after I've updated the phone to the freshest firmware.

    First is Flamingo for Twitter, the second is EZ Gallery.

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