24 fps and shutter angle in Pro Video mode?

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Hi! As someone who is just getting into videography I was amazed by the quality of the footage that both the main shooter and the ultrawide on the Zenfone 8 output, however I can't understand why the Pro Video mode doesn't unlock access to the industry standard frame rate of 24 fps. This makes it difficult to match the footage with other cameras.

I would be thrilled to see that frame rate added in a future update.

Additionally, to make the Pro Video mode *actually Pro*, you could introduce shutter angles in addition to shutter speeds so you can always expose for half of the frame duration regardless of the frame rate that is selected.


  • P.S.: 24 fps aka 23.976 or 23.98, to be precise.

  • I've added this thread to the number of requests about this feature. Thanks!

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