night/dark mode based on light sensor

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hi, I personally think basing the change to dark mode on the time of day is missing the real point.

It can be dark also during the day, indoors.

You have a light sensor, why don't you use that instead?

I still have to switch it manually each time I go out.


  • Sounds like an easy thing to do but what would be the trigger/logic? Should it behave in the same way as the brightness bar? At what light should it switch? The light sensor has enough complaints as it is (this applies to all manufacturers) and I'm pretty sure that changing system colors would annoy people even more than if the brightness increases for a couple of seconds.

    In theory, this is a great idea. In reality, I'm not so sure :)

  • rejettorejetto Level 1

    your comment makes sense, I understand it's not a 1 hour job if you want to get a good user experience.

    I'm currently using Tasker to get this feature and after some tweaking (levels and timeout before next change) i'm satisfied.

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