The main takeaways after 2 weeks of use

davidok0608davidok0608 Level 1
edited June 2021 in ZenFone 8

Overall happy with the device! Few things I don't like:

- ability to hide navigation pill to gain more screen space

- app folder is confusing in default launcher, when you have folder in top portion of the screen the folder opens in the bottom of the screen

-too many steps of media volume! and the lowest step is still too loud

- persistent notification for bluetooth audio

-"no new notification" when unlocking screen- its redundant I can see there is no new notificafion

- I can feel the ghost touches when phone in pocket

-please allow me to turn off audio wizard at least for bluetooth headphones

-when facing direct sunlight, sometimes there is a significant delay in bumping the brightness

- no missed calls notification when Volte enabled (it says phone call ended & answered on another device?) I have no call forwarding active

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