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Hi, Did anyone check the battery capacity of his ZenFone 8? My is barely 3600mah and I wonder if something is wrong with my battery or the capacity is smaller then Asus assured.


  • i watched disassembly video of zenfone 8 and on battery is written... 4000 mah typ and min 3835... so battery capacity is cca 3835... but you cannot use all capacity beacause there is reserve... when you have 0%, there is still cca 300 mah reserved capacity... Usable capacity ís always less than capacity specified by the manufacturer... I tried accubattery and i have same usable capacity.... On my secondary phone realme 6s is typical capacity 4300 mah and min 4210... Accubattery shows 3970 mah and battery tester from Ali shows 3857mah ... After few cycles i test usable capacity on my zf 8.... ... This is same on All smartphones...

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    I just tested my Zenfone 8, which has now been charged 3 times.

    For reference, this is from a Sony Xperia 5 II that has been used for 7 months:

    So in my case, it definitely seems low.

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    No, it's not normal. Capacity should be as producent declared. And is in Sony of even Xiaomi. Samsung for example limit full charge to about 94%, but they at least inform you about it. I would like to use full capacity and that's why I bought phone with big battery.

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    You cannot trust apps like accubattery... IS not accurate.... For me, accubat sometime says 3554 mah and sometimes 3153... this is 400 mah difference... What IS the Truth..

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    I dont know what you know about battery tech. And this is for the reason.they refer to the charge at 95℅= min And then 100℅= typical. As per the advanced BMS/charging-safety of a mobile phone, they will reach min first then typical with a lot of time taking, that's why they mentioned in that manner.But in most cases, it will applicable by advanced BMS or Charging system involved.

    Batteries have three voltage rating segments.

    1. Minimum voltage.

    Min voltage is the lowest safe voltage level that a battery should be discharged to. If voltage falls below the specified minimum voltage, there is a chance of damaging the battery.

    1. Rated/ typical voltage.

    It is the optimal voltage at which the battery is supposed to be operated.

    1. Maximum voltage.

    A battery can be charged to this voltage and no further.

    Eg. A 18650 cell has the following voltage ratings.

    1. Minimum voltage: 2.6 V
    2. Rated voltage: 3.4–3.6 V
    3. Maximum voltage: 4.2V

    Here is my Zenfone 5z original battery which i have replaced few months ago it is clearly mentioned on battery that 3300mah is just a battery typical but minimum capacity of battery is 3150mah.👇

    So this is normal. And you have to accept.

    Accubattery is not an accurate app. It keeps on varying mah on number of charge cycles. Trusting it to full fledge is not acceptable. You can google to know what's the reason behind such battery tech for smartphones.

    This is same for every brand and normal so nothing much to worry here.


  • Typ means typical and min minimum...

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    Using the same accubattery app my wife's Nokia g 10 says 4200 and some change,, advertised capacity 4000,,

    My zenfone 7 accubattery app says about 4600 ,, advertised capacity is 5000

    Draw your own conclusions

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    True lower capacity is the reason why battery lasting in ZenFone 8 is way shorter than in other devices with similar battery and snap 888.

    Claiming that there is 4000 mah is a scam. I measured my ex OnePlus and it has got declared capacity.

    I'd like to hear opinion from Asus why they declare false capacity.

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