Small translation error

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edited July 2021 in ZenFone 6

Hello, I have noticed small translation error in Czech language. In battery care settings, there is a sentence:

"Abyste baterii ochránili, vyměňujte ji pomalu a stabilní rychlostí"

That is wrong, that makes no sense. Correct sentence should be this:

"Abyste baterii ochránili, nabíjejte ji pomalu a stabilní rychlostí"

The word "vyměňujte" should be replaced with "nabíjejte".

Why is this? The word "vyměňujte" means "change", and the word "nabíjejte" means "charge".

Someone probably made a typo in the words charge/change and translated that to Czech language. Small detail.

This probably applies to all recent Asus smartphones, not only Zenfone 6. Even though this is a detail that no one really cares about, I thought to point this out


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