ZenFone 8 display yellow tint

Hi, in my model colors of the display especially white are slightly yellow tint. I have reading mode turned off, and splendid is set to cool, but it is still visible. I tried different settings, but nothing changes. Has anyone observed a similar thing?


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    Most of the time yes, but i tried 90 and 120 for fun/gaming and still the same. Do you mean that the refresh rate in some way interact with displayed colors? In my opinion it shouldn't be matter, but i'm not an expert. Additionally, I noticed that the shade of yellow sometimes changed to more or less visible. I am curious if this is some kind of additional eye protection feature or is just AMOLED specification. I read on various forums that people sometimes have this effect on amoled phones. What worries me the most is that the system color settings improve the white balance poorly, it is almost invisible.

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    It is really difficult to comment on what you are seeing and how it is more or less yellow and if it is abnormal from the display parameters in general.

    In Splendid, which mode have you selected? (Settings->Display->Splendid)

    The parameters for Cinematic and "standard" (options 3 and 4) are targeting a 6500K whitepoint, which to those who are used to 7000K+ whitepoints can seem more "yellow" - and that would be intentional as that is the proper whitepoint for DCI-P3 and SRGB colorspaces which these two modes are targetting.

    For a cooler whitepoint, the settings of "Default" and "Natural" target a higher whitepoint (bluer/cooler).

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    Thanks for your reply. I know that standard and cinematic presets are more K than others. But I use to all of time default mode, even when I move slider to max cooler side, this only changes really little bit, almost imperceptibly. I done pictures with default settings in my ZF8 vs Redmi 4x. I will just add that the color difference is more visible live. What is curious sometimes the screen seems very yellow and sometimes only slightly and its always on default mode, my wife sees it too. Check this and please tell if its normal or no, cause im worried if my display is ok. Sorry for quality. Please others users for their opinions if you have similar feelings with your displays.

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