Face ID and fingerprint on at the same time

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edited June 2021 in ZenFone 8

If I turn on both, after it recognized my face , it ask me to use my fingerprint as well.

Another problem is, when I only use the FACE ID,sometimes the screen turned black after that.i have to push my power button again to login.

also,when the screen wake up, it tries to detect a face even my phone was on the table. If I want to try to login after that, I have to use power button or double touch on screen again.

These bugs made me lost my patience. I am not sure if it's only the bugs of software or hardware problems.


  • Please let me know which settings you have for face recognition. Are both Unlock device and Show notifications active or both of them? If both are enabled then you will still see the fingerprint unlock even if the phone has unlocked with your face but you don't need to use it. Just swipe up to unlock.

    Regarding all the other issues you're experiencing, this is not something I can replicate. I will send you a PM with log instructions

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