My friend couldn't hear me sometime when calling

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My friend heard nothing sometimes from my call.anyone got the same issue ?


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    Hi. I am a new user of the asus zenfone 8. But the quality of the phone calls is very poor. I live in Poland, I use the Plus and T-mobile networks. As my colleague wrote above, often the other person does not hear me. There are also no HD Voice quality calls. I am asking for help, because I was wondering if the phone should not be returned.

  • Hi @nlwinniechan @wirusekx

    We released an update today to fix call quality issue. Please update to the latest firmware and test. Thank you.

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    Has anyone checked what it looks after last update?

  • Still call quality like on old 2G Nokia 3310 :(

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    @Kris_ASUS  197 / 5000

    It's a bit better because he doesn't interrupt the conversation. But still it is not possible to conduct a call in HD Voice quality. For me, the problem is not over. Will Asus fix the fault?

  • I had this problem, too. I went to asus repair center and told the stuffs. But they just don't believe it. This is so faq up.

  • The device does not have VoLTE or 3G HD voice support in Poland (at the moment).

    If this is the root problem for you, as in you consider 3G voice without HD or no VOLTE HD voice is bad, then the solution can only be fixed with enabling VoLTE with the Polish operators, which we are working towards doing.

    Now , whether or not this is the root cause, we cannot be sure but do you experience the same bad quality if you would make a call through, for example, WhatsApp or FB Messenger, etc?

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