UX 581: Sound issues

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Detailed description: I suddenly have compatibility issues with my SONY 1000XM3. Sony confirms there is compatibility issues. No sound coming through at all!

C'mon Asus: My headphones are the no1 rated and super popular and my laptop is new and mean for sound production work. Sort it out, please!


  • soto.adrsoto.adr Level 1

    I can connect with a cable but Spotify wont even play even with this now! not happy!!!!

  • soto.adrsoto.adr Level 1

    Oh wait. Spotify wont even play through the laptop in speakers!!! :(

  • Hi there,

    Only spotify have this issue or other audio as well?

    Please check in device manager to see if there is any error message.

    Thank you.

  • soto.adrsoto.adr Level 1

    Hiya Blake_ASUS.

    Spotift won't play audio whatsoever. VLC Player and Windows Media Player also wont play any audio, either through speaker or via cable headphones.

    As I mentioned, my Sony Headphones 1000XM3 wont allow audio from any app to play through, even though its connected.

    I have had no problems on my machine since i got it in Dec 2020. but all these problems started last week.

    I have done all the trouble shooting on the system etc. It keeps saying cant find problem and directed me to this site.

  • soto.adrsoto.adr Level 1

    UPDATE: I downloaded Windows 10 Update and now ALL IS GOOD! case closed! thanks! :)

  • Hello soto,

    Thank you for the update.

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