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Overall very happy with my ZenFone 8, but I'm running into an issue where the fingerprint reader has basically not worked properly since coming out of the box, usually telling me the sensor is "dirty" and needs to be cleaned.

  • I managed to get it to remember 2 thumb prints after lots and lots of effort,
  • It will recognize either print maybe 1 out of 10 times on the lock screen,
  • Deleting/re-adding the prints did not help much.

I have other phones with standard fingerprint sensors (Samsung) that work perfectly fine, so my skin is probably not the culprit here.

Note: phone is running latest software (.44) and screen is clean, no protector.

Anyone else experience a similar issue and is there a fix? I'd rather not return the phone :-(



  • Same issue here. But with my brother's finger, it works just fine...

  • My issue is similar. Sometimes is working sometimes is not. Annoying

  • I've sent you all a PM with log instructions

  • I'm facing the same issues, regarding fingerprint reader and voice quality, could you share instruction with me also?

  • Same here. I registrated 4 fingers And neither od them can unlock the phone on first try nor second.

  • Yup, same problem here - fingerprint reader very sketchy

  • MASMMASM Level 1

    Is very very very very bad

  • Same problem here, found out that pressing the screen harder raises the chance for unlocking but its still a coinflip

  • Same issue here. Even worse in registering new prints after applying a screen protector.

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    Same problem to me. No matter how much prints I add, there is always problem to unlock Phone by this. Finherprint in ZF8 work very poor and slow. ASUS please improve this in next update, its ridiculous that something like that in a flagship phone.

  • I have same issue. Experience with fingerprint is horrible! Why you used fingerprint in dispaly?🤦🙄🤷

  • unfortunatelly I have the same issue, how did u solve? :(

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    I'm experiencing the same issue - however I find fingerprint reading is much more successful if your finger isn't too dry (so it'll work better for young folks than for old 😉) - and also works better when you press harder and longer.

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    @all: Sensor operation has been much better than initially as time moves forward, but still nowhere near what I'd expect. I'm not going to remove/readd my prints as suggested by Asus seeing as how it took me a while to get this to work as it is.

    Asus, software improvements!

  • Hi

    Both the .44 and .50 update include Fingerprint improvements.

    You may try to remove your prints and readd them.

    We'll continue to look at how to improve the unlock experience with the in-display fingerprint reader.

    If you are using a glass screen protector - especially glass ones - they can also cause trouble if the thickness of the glass is too thick - which unfortunately is quite common.


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    Same story here. No matter how many times i will try to register a fingerprint, the phone always says "Fingerprint sensor is dirty. Please clean and try again".

    If i successfully register a fingerprint it works one of three times. It's completely useless and it's got worse with the .50 update.

    I am not using screen protector and also removed all registered fingerprints.

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    With all respect, but i do system updates imediately, added fingerprints a few times later and the problem still exists.

  • Hi, no improvements with updates :(

    Why ASUS got fingerpint reader in display? Why? What is the benefit? I has zenfone 5z before with fingerprinton back of phone and evrything wroked great. So with update to this phone I have much bad user experience than with old model ...😪😫

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