signal gets killed in the background

It appears that the background apps manager is not aware that signal is a messaging app and kills it in the background. As a results, no notifications are shown and are only displayed when one opens the app. While excessive killing of background apps is a bigger issue, adding signal to the background killer whitelist would be a welcome quick fix. Thank you in advance.

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    Go to the apps battery settings in in the app info. Here you can "add it to a whitelist" yourself by disabling Background app management.


  • I still need to test it properly but given the latest changes to WhatsApp T&Cs and Signal's rise in popularity, I believe the whitelisting should be done on OEM side. Otherwise users less tech savvy than myself are going to get bad experience, blame Signal and go back to WhatsApp. In the end such aggressive battery saving helps the market leaders and could lead to an eventual monopoly.

  • The app isnt being killed. It is however being hibernated by default, the side effect is that notifications will come in, but delayed.

    Anders' solution will solve that specific issue - and we will also notify our devs on Signal app itself.

    Thank you! (I will close the thread as well and keep Anders' reply as Answer)

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