Battery Drain Issues



  • I suppose the issue is with ROG Phone 5s in general, and not specifically with my unit

    I am quite disappointed with ROG 5's battery back up.

  • Probably with certain units. Can be possible. I guess i got lucky enough. As per the comparisons made earlier, i would advice you to go ahead for the Service centre. In my Rog 3 scenario they helped me very well. Don't know if its Country wise🤗. But i request you to give it a shot. As your phone is in warranty i am sure you can go ahead and ask for a battery replacement if required by providing solid proof to them. But before going there raise a complaint to the Asus Call centre of your region.

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    Hi...I bought rog 5 week ago and had same idle drain issue at night of about to check I switched to durable mode for battery and disabled wifi and Mobike data and idle drain is dramatically reduced to just 2%...give this a try and see if this solves your idle drain issue

  • Thanks for the suggestion, however, my issue is not with just the idle battery drain, but, while using apps like Duo, as you can see from my Screenshot, my phone's battery drained by 18% when I used Duo for 20 mins, whereas in Reaperzwolf's case, Duo was used for 1.2 hours and it only consumed 20% or so.

    And as per the screenshots, you can also see I am only taking Duo into consideration.

    When coming to general battery drain, my phone lasts for around 6 hours at max, whereas others get almost 9 hours of usage I believe.

  • Get your phone replaced. I am sure that's possible. Like in India we do have option for 7 day replacement.

  • This means there is poor connection with your carrier. As of my case it 6% for 7 hrs of keeping the phone idle. And i would request all to do a steady/ultra steady charge keeping 80% battery capped. This helps to prolong your battery. If your charging in night use Scheduled charge to avoid overcharging your battery which ends up in more wear to it.

  • SibiSibi Level 3

    I have a excellent network reception in my area bro....always will be getting 4g+ with high speed cuz there are 4 towers around my area close to me...this drain is cuz if android system/system ui background running..I can see it in battery usage chart

  • Yes.. I am considering replacing my phone.

    However, have a look at this screenshot I took today. The battery life suddenly seems to have improved?

    Battery life is still sub-par, Duo is still sucking more charge though.

    Any Mod I would love to hear your suggestions, Flipkart India has a bad reputation when it comes to replacing phones, they send refurbished models.

  • Are you from India? If so go ahead and get it changed. I got my Rog 3 refunded after 8 months of usage. I have a good experience with Flipkart. They helped to refund the money and with that same amount i got my Rog 5. The only issue was my serial/Imei number was not mentioned in the Invoice copy of Rog 3 for which the Asus Service Centre denied any services. When complained to Flipkart they accepted their fault and in 5 days including weekend they refunded back the entire money.

  • Yes, I am from India.

    2 days back I had contacted support for a replacement but cancelled it, and now I only have the option for refund.

    I had hoped for a replacement ☹️.

  • Call them out again. Tell them you are having lot of drainage issue in your phone. Ask for a replacement. Check what they have to offer then- Refund/Replacement. My advice would ve go for replacement anytime.

  • Thanks for all the help man, I appreciate it.

    If it's not too much trouble, before I make the final call, can you share a screenshot or just tell me in average, how much screen on time do you get with mixed usage.

    I am asking this because based on your battery life I ll decide if my phone has a inferior battery or not.

    So far, I have seen users who get 7 hours or more and user who got 12 hrs SOT with 3 hours of Youtube.

  • You have it already. I have shared it earlier.🤗

  • Yep yep, if your SOT is consistent as before, then I also getting the same SOT, i.e. 6 Hours approx with 25% charge remaining.

    But, then there's theJus44 who is getting 12 hours SOT.. damn.. I am confused.

    Is my phone faulty or did Asus sent shit units to India? Who knows.. M going crazy.... 😂😅

  • Do a replacement request and get rid of the phone, check if that new device is working good or not. I am saying this as your replacement time closing today. In the meantime hard reset your phone and check if it resolves the matter. If not get a new one. If it works fine,tell Flipkart to close the replacement request

  • Yeah, I ll put in a replacement request, and in the meantime, I ll do what @thejus44 mentioned, except I ll not root the phone.

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    Absolutely. Dont attempt to root. It will void the warranty. Even if resetting fixes the issue, later due to root your warranty claims in future will be ruled out. All the best. Talk to Flipkart and ask for a replacement. And meanwhile do a reset and check after charging it to 💯. Keep utilising mixed apps like Duo, YouTube,Calls, Games and others and share us the SS of it. Then we can come to a conclusion of either the device is faulty that you have received or its a glitch in the software.

    Use Dynamic mode as it is the preferred mode for daily driver.

    Follow these steps, i am sure we can solve it out. BTW, reminder dont forget to open a replacement request also

  • I recently ran my phone down to zero ( to calibrate the battery) and I am pleasantly surprised at how much more time I get out of the battery now . As far as accubattery is concerned it says much the same ( stats ) but it just lasts longer

  • To do battery calibration follow these steps. Worked well for my ROG 3:

    1.Drain battery to 0,( Phone would switch off by itself, try to turn on and ensure that no more juice left to power it on again)

    2. Leave 30 mins,

    3. Charge at Switch-off condition to 100,

    4. Switch it on the device,

    5. Then again Switch off and charge for 30 mins,

    6. Unplug and phone to cool down for 30 mins.

    Hopefully, these steps help you all.

  • Ok cool thanks I'll give it a try when this charge runs down. I know that sometimes if you leave the phone on the charger for a while after it hit's%100 it seems to last a lot longer before dropping to%99 , not only Asus phones but phones in general so it doesn't surprise me that your method for calibration works well I'll keep you posted

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