Night Light Behaviour and other minor bugs

Hi, I'd like to report a minor bug, but that can get pretty annoying. When Night Light is enabled or disabled, there is no smooth transition like on many other phones; this is fine if enabled manually, but if configured to enable automatically the transition looks really bad, and gets distracting

Other bugs I've been noticing are:

You can't disable Dirac effects on headphones (I've seen it's already been reported though)

Power Menu options other than default (Calm, Colorful, Elegant) stretch the whole background when in the power menu

LED Indicator is really weird, colours are not the ones I set in the app settings, and do not respect the default app colour either

These are the ones I found in my first day using the phone, though I really like it! Good job Asus, especially on the hardware



  • You mean you're distracted for 1 second and if you look at the screen during both switches between day/night time, then you lose 2 seconds of your life. I understand that it can be improved but it doesn't sound like a big deal.

    It's not a bug that Dirac can't be disabled but I've added this as user feedback and included this thread in the feedback count. So far I have three users mentioning this request

    I'm not sure I understand your feedback regarding the power menu

    The LED is not an RGB led. This is why it doesn't respect your app settings

  • Yeah, sorry, it's still a minor bug so not a huge problem, though I am nitpicky about small details like those (unfortunately for me), but I don't think I'm the only one noticing it

    About the power menu, I'll attach a screenrecording with what happens, you can see the background (the screen image) gets distorted and with a black bar on the top (maybe wrong aspect ratio while porting the feature from other Asus phones?)

    Thanks for the response and clarification on the LED! I really couldn't figure that out since it wasn't written anywhere

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