More control over postprocessing on ZF 7

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Personally I think the noise reduction is too aggressive sometimes, especially when using shorter exposure times in lower light. More motion sharpness at the expense of noise is alright for me, but right now it's only partly achievable and the noise reduction blurs the faces a lot. I could use manual camera mode in RAW+JPG for this, but then I cannot switch between sensors, have to endure a rolling shutter (this is very tricky when taking a photo of fast moving objects) and there are technical limitations on high ISO. It would be nice if I could use normal photo mode with reduced post processing.

Add at least some basic control of noise reduction (and preferably other things of post processing).

Ultimately I'd like to tune the following myself in terms of percentage:

  1. noise reduction
  2. sharpening
  3. color vibrance
  4. clarity

I also saw that post processing in ZF 8 is a bit improved in right direction, maybe an update of post processing engine on ZF 7 would also help.

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