Zenwifi XT8 devices disconnect frequently for a few seconds

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  1. System: Windows, Android, iOS
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: Zenwifi XT8 2 pack
  4. Frequency of occurrence: more than 10 times per day
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Devices (Windows laptop, Android phones, iphones etc.) disconnect from the internet (XT8 router) for a few seconds (5-10 secs) and return working again like nothing happened.

I was running XT8 from the latest firmware Version I did not find any info regarding such similar issue, so I tried restarting my modem and the XT8 routers for several times but same problem.

Tried downgrading the firmware to Version, but same problem.

I tried downgrading further the firmware to Version, and seems working fine (no disconnection) so far for 1 day now.

Any thoughts or info?


  • Same issue on the latest Version, I’ve been struggling with my 2.4 wifi disconnect issue for about 6 months since I bought the zen wifi mesh. Some device will recover while some will just not be able to communicate at all. Previously with my netgear I did not have any of this problem. Tried many different settings but still the same issue. The app will show it is still connected with good rssi value, but ping will not respond. Reboot always fix the issue but I need to reboot every 1-2 days just to have all device working. Tech support never responded to me, this is definitely my last ASUS router I will be buying.

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    I presume when you said you tried different settings, that includes resetting to factory default then redo all the system setup, tried with different versions of firmware, tried swapping the primary AiMesh router, etc.

    Actually, my system is now stable and no disconnection with Version On the other hand, I am afraid I could not upgrade my firmware to Version until a newer version is released to try.

    Also, my system was working since I bought this. It started to have this issue with the latest firmware so I have to downgrade and try the older versions.

    Have you considered replacing your system if it's still under warranty... but I guess "ASUS technical support" should assist you to do so.

    Hello ASUS Technical Support!

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    I have the same problem with my Guest 2.4 GHz WiFi disconnecting and reconnecting randomly, after I upgraded the firmware to Version I ended up going back to Version and the WiFi is stable again.

    I only tried Version for a short time since I had reduced data speed issues (anything over 1 Gbps) with this version, which disappeared when going back Version Later on I tried Version and it appeared the data speed issues were resolved, but that is when I noticed having dropped 2.4 GHz connections.

    So far Version is the only version I have no issues with. Now that I know that someone else (Jun M) has the same exact issue with Version and can safely say there is a programming issue in this version of firmware.

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