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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:ROG PHONE 2
  2. Firmware Version:ANDROID 10 (17.0240.2013.75)
  3. Rooted or not: NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: WHILE CHARGING AND GAMING
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): NOT APP , THE PHONE

It's been a year since I bought this phone and I'm been having this problem since the seventh month.

I can't use the phone or play games because of this problem.

These are the problems.

1. The phone is overheating.

2. The phone's display goes off automatically when charging, sometimes off for up to 15 seconds.

3. The phone's display automatically shuts off while playing the game, and this is repeated.

4. The top left side of the phone's display shows something round in shape, with a few other spots. There is nothing wrong with my phone breaking or falling out of my hands.

5. The charger is good but the cable is useless. Sometimes it doesn't charge. Fast charge will not show.

These are the crises I face due to this phone.

My company Asus has cheated me out of this phone for Rs 40,500.

If anyone has this problem with this phone, please reply it.

It is a hard to use this phone with these problems. Being in Lock down here, the service center is closed.

Looking here, I can see that a lot of people are facing these problems.

I'm in a position to take legal action against a company called Asus.

If there is anyone who has changed all these issues then how to reply.



  • Well those round spots are nothing but screen burn spots ,example if I play pubg for an extended period ,as the controls buttons you set on that specific spot are static ,so some of the pixels die in that specific area after showing that same image of buttons for a longer time so you get that burn spots on the display as the pixels are dead

    I faced restart issues,asus offered me free Mother board replacement and after the replacement restart issues are gone but it heats during gaming and it's fine cause if a device heats it means the it has good heat management ,and also that heat is being sent out in an efficient way

    Now coming to the display

    I faced screen burn like you ,service center granted me replacement but later asus executive clarified me that I have small dent on the corner of the display so it is a physical damge so cannot be replaced

    But in your case your display and motherboard can be replaced for free if you are in warranty

    If you are out of warranty even then asus will help with free motherboard replacement and about display I think asus will replace that as well if you have no physical damage thats what the asus executive told me in a call

    Talking about legal action first let's wait until asus responds to your issue and I hope they will provide free replacement for display and Motherboard

    If they are not responding ,you can go ahead with any charges as you told me you are in a position to do so and I will support you in that case

  • @ARP_ASUS sir please help him


    Please check your PM and share the requested details.

  • nakul696nakul696 Level 2

    I have the same issue man, Phone switches off when charging, probably due to overheating. I am not gaming on it these days, God knows how frequently it will turn off while gaming.

    Perhaps the the costliest waste of my life!


    I'm also facing this in my Zenfone 5Z and ROG PHONE 2, Shade of call of duty in top left and right corner to lining on half display.


    But these shades are not showing screenshots and camera.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    That's called screen burn. You will need to replace the screen

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