ZenScreen Go MB16AMT - Frozen / Power Button Unresponsive

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Hi all,

I had the monitor attached (via hdmi) and working on my PC and left it overnight. The PC went to sleep, the monitor went blank. The PC now wakes up but the screen appears to be frozen 'off'.

The small power indicator LED shows green. Pressing menu has no response. Tried pressing menu and power together (and holding for 20 seconds) - nothing.

Tried connecting to another computer. The second computer knows I have a second monitor connected and also make the 'connected' sound when I plug in the USB cable but again no touch response shown. The speakers show as an option for sound playback but don't work when selected.

I've done some 'reading' and the consensus seemed to be that I need to let the battery drain down which could take months! Hoping for something better ... fingers crossed

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