Fx505dt laptop : Wifi adapter keeps disconnecting

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: AC and battery both
  3. Model: FX505dt
  4. Frequency of occurrence: in every 5 minutes afer a reboot
  5. Reset OS: Reset and reinstalled
  6. Screenshot or video: screenshot


Detailed description:

I bought this Asus 505dx exactly one year and few months ago. The wifi adapter keeps dropping the connection and stops working repeatedly. Initially, the problem wasn't as frequent when the unit was in warranty. I even reported this to the support team but couldn't send it for repair as it's my work pc. Now , the wifi adapter is dead af. I thought that it's my fault that I didn't get it checked when it was in warranty but there are some many users having the same issue with the wifi card on this model. I even read that few people upgraded there cards to intel by themselves on their in warranty machines as the support and service team couldn't help them.

I expect asus to do something about it or Get the f*** out of the market as you have scammed us enough.

Note- below pictures represents the issue before and after reboot


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    Hi there,

    It would be great to know if you have tried to update BIOS, load BIOS default setting update driver

    or if there is any error message in device manager or others when the issue happen.

    And does Ethernet work on your device?

    Thank you.

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