Bring back twinview and mobile desktop dock compability

RazgrizRazgriz Level 2
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1. One of my main reason why i won't upgrade to rog 5 is lack of compability with twinview and mobile desktop dock..

I really hope on next rog phone these features is back, because if it won't then guess i'll stuck with my rog 3 until it dies..

2. Bring an update to twinview, so it can act as extended screen, or we can use bottom screen as full keyboard with top screen as main screen..

3. Bring explanation or guide to do advanced hardcore tuning in armoury crate, so we can understand and tweak it correctly..

Not just wondering "what does this parameter do?" and much trial and error..

4. I'd like to have network speed on game genie's real-time info, so i can see wether my network is lagging beside from in-game ping status..

5. Improve cooling system, or cooling fan..

This is for next rog phone..

Blowing air is almost do nothing for me, as i live on tropical country and not everywhere have air conditioner..

It's a joke when i got high ambient temperature..rather than cooling my phone, it's blowing hot air instead..

And please keep the price down, as for other gaming phones cooling fan is cheaper but works better..

I know they use peltier-based cooling system, and there is different opinion is it safe or damaging phone's internal..

But trying not hurts, right?

6. Oh, maybe you guys can consider your gaming phones got 2 major update, or even better 3 major updates..

As for other gaming phone already do that, why don't follow them so you dont lose and your consumer not angry asking for update?

I know it's not an easy task, and honestly i'm ok with 1 major update..What important to me is continuous security update..

But as you can see, almost everyday peoples asking for update and sometimes drive them angry..


Keep up the good work, guys..


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  • HydemusHydemus Level 1

    yeah they need to update the twinview.. at least to have an option to turn off one of the screen to save battery in case we dont need it while docking with twinview..

  • RazgrizRazgriz Level 2

    Well, sometime my top screen wont turn on..

    I must reattach or move my phone a little bit while still attachen then its connected to top screen..


    I use twinview II btw, idk with twinview 3 have this issue too or not..

    Maybe there is compability issue, since rog 3 camera is thicc so sometimes it wont attached correctly..

    Or maybe its just my port problem, but its not a big deal for me as long as i can still use it..


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