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I will be talking about the gaming phones generally.


1.) Gamegenie add support for keymapping for 3rd party controllers such as ipega. This would be a huge selling point for many people, you simply don't offer 1 handed controllers for instance which is a problem for a lot of people so they have to rely on scetchy 3rd party mappers like octopus that wants all the permissions an app can get.

2.) Quality of life things like VoLTE, bugfixes and more transparency what is being worked on so the community has at least some idea whats going on.

3.) Adreno driver update system much like the Samsung has, also custom drivers, Lenovo has done some optimization on their lenovo gaming phones hence they consistently beat ASUS in benchmarks even with the same specs in GPU scores.

4.) Updating audiomaxx + Armory crate to the same version as the Rog5 for the Rog2 and 3, there is no compelling reason as to why the audio processing should not be updated.

5.) work together with the citra team to implement a dual screen emulation for your twindock accessory. I know this is discontinued and controversial, but if you have that working, good lord you'd have a ton of people asking for the twindock and could start producing and selling it again.

Next gen

Ideas for Rog6:

1.) Instead of focusing on gimmicks, focus on either a massively beefed cooling system, much like the black shark 3 or focus on optimization of the snapdragon chips. A ton of times, there is so much undervolting possible it's ridicolous. This also saves a ton of battery life.

2.) Camera hardware upgrade. The software of the Rog and zenfone series is absolutely amazing, it beats the likes of gcam, if you were to upgrade the actual camera hardware, the phone would be the undisputed best camera phone. Many don't know how to use the app correcly so they don't know this, but people like me who know, already beat phones like S21 ultra, Iphone 12 pro max, google pixel 5 easily with the current lens, but having a huge sensor will fix the typical "pbmak" problem and give people who are actually interested in a photo smartphone an option.

3.) Hardware shoulder buttons, while the current touch shoulder buttons work most of the times, their reliability is quite lacking, they don't always want to do register and have some software glitches when it comes to calibration, having physical buttons much like the black shark 4 has is a huge step forward.

4.) Ditch all the crappy consumer pixelworks crap. Seriously, no competitive gamer, the targetgroup you're catering for btw, ever asked for a motion chip, seriously we are sensitive to high frames and refreshrate, we notice when we have constant motion blur thanks to the stupid motion chip. It shouldnt be on a gaming phone period.

5.) Fingerprint sensor on power button or the back, seriously the under screen fingerprint doesnt work for many people out there, once the fingers get dirty you can't use the under screen one anymore.

6.) This is something which still baffles me, why not make a transparent phone? You should know by now, gamers love to see their hardware, it has always been like this. The Rog3 actually had this esthetic and was absolutely amazing, mini window to see the cooling, reminded me much of my PC with its tempered glas side panel.

7.) Focus on extremely fast display. Once again, gamers don't care about color accurate display, they mostly care about a fast display. Maybe do some teamwork with sharp like razer did, those guys know how to make a good fking panel.

8.) QC, this is a big one, quality control is a huge thing you need to focus on. I mean cmon, you released a flagship phone that still (22.05.2021) cannot do basic things like calling a person without dropping the call. I mean cmon. Also that the rog5 hasnt been tested for the heavy tasks like emulation and gaming is another big, wat, moment. Having the Rog5 throttling when GPU is being used to much no matter if it has cooler or not is just a big nono, use doplhin emulator and crank shit up to test in the future.

These are the main points I have as of now.

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    Although I agree with a lot of what you have to say (VoLTE, improved GameGenie, Adreno drivers) your post actually contains some off-topic stuff because they're only taking software suggestions in this section. They're not taking hardware suggestions even though I'd absolutely appreciate a 240Hz display next generation (they apparently closed a thread for suggesting hardware stuff).

    Hopefully they don't close this though because I like some of your ideas.

    Also, what's wrong with Pixelworks? I'd like it in if it makes the picture quality better. Although I play games on my phone, I also do other things like watch videos so it would be nice to have well calibrated panels.

  • Thing is they are never calibrated, they claim delta below 1 but nobody has measured it, I think GSMarena measured delta of 1.7 at best. It costs a lot to get proper calibration done which would just make the device uneccecarily more expensive.

    also pixelworks doesnt improve picture quality, it's just them trying to but failing. The motion chip is the best example to showcase how disconnected ASUS is from their target group to begin with.

    Thanks for the heads up tho, just saw the hardware thing in the rules, still hope they will take it into consideration purely because it would more than likely make their rog6 actually stand out, the software part still stands tho.

  • AndroidAndroid Level 2

    Damn that's disappointing. It's a nice sentiment to get good calibrations with Pixelworks but not worth it if the execution and end result is terrible. I hope they don't drop the sentiment of getting professional assistance on panel calibration though and maybe hire another company that is better at this than Pixelworks.

  • well calibrated displays are extremely rare and expensive, so honestly I doubt they will ever be able to offer a delta below 1 without having insane prices, which is still fine honestly. Their current delta below 2 is still quite impressive for a smartphone.

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    Adreno driver update system much like the Samsung has

    Sounds cool, +1

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