Zenfone 7 notifications fix ???

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I have, like all other people, not been getting notifications from the calendar app for reminders,but may have found a fix at least it works for me.

I simply changed the colour of the reminder notifications from the blueish purplish colour I had to the tomato colour that's on the top of the colour list and like magic it worked. Now I have tried it three times and everytime I tried it,it gave me a notification both visually and an audio notification.

Don't ask me why but it works, try it out and post your results I'm sure I am not alone to see if it works for others.

I don't think the colours actually matter but changing the colour seems to work good luck guys

PS actually having thought about it the only other thing I did was set a reminder using the Google assistant to see if it did in fact work properly and it did but I think it was the changing colour that got it working again

PS I would love to know either way, eg if it works for you or not ? Either feedback would be nice


  • For me it does not

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    Hmmmm ok bizarre so why does it work for me all of a sudden

  • I have no clue... I tried google assistant to set on reminder also changed colors and so on .... I thought it was not the color since in theory it has nothing to do....but maybe...still for me it is the same no notifications... And no reply yet from moderators when I asked if they got in contact to google...

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    I don't believe it's a Google bug that doesn't make sense neither did the colour thing make sense, once I thought about it. I have noticed some people saying that if they do certain things it works for a while,as much as up to two weeks but then it just stuffs up again. So having said that I am wondering how long before I stop getting notifications for reminders. It's just not good enough for Asus,s so called number one phone. You just can't trust setting a reminder, even if it is working properly when you set it,in case it packs up again

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