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  • This is how batteries are labeled. The rated (in this case 4830 mAh) value is the minimum guaranteed battery capacity while the typical (in this case 5000mAh) value refers the average battery capacity that this battery was designed for. Because batteries are chemical and not exact, some batteries which are designed with a 5000 mAh capacity might get a capacity of 4900mAh while some will get 5100mAh.

    So why did accubattery and topolovs usb meter measure less? Multiple reasons. First of, accubattery isn't accurate, it's estimating. The USB meter is more accurate but topolov started from 2% and those last two percent account for a little more than 2% of the real capacity. There's also no way of knowing how much wear this battery has unless it was correctly measured when it was new.

    From the values I've seen, I'd say it looks normal if you account for some battery wear. Batteries are not perfect yet. Hopefully in the future, we will get batteries that won't degrade.

  • It's all good, this battery ( Z 7) is in line with other Asus batteries I have used.

    What blows me away is how long a battery lasts on say the pixel 5 or the Nokia g 10, especially the g 10. I understand that it's spec's aren't in the same ballpark but the pixel 5 isn't far off so how do they do it?

    I hate charging phones 😫

  • It's not just the SoC but also other components like the display that makes a big difference in power drain. You can watch YouTube comparisons of pixel 5 vs other phones. Its design is very efficient and Google has succeeded with their software optimization too.

  • Yes your right it is a small phone. It isn't all that good though, I had a pixel 5 for about a month before I sold it and came back to this Z 7 . The Bluetooth kept partially disconnecting from my van so the audio would come through the phone and not the vans system. Maybe a faulty phone, maybe a bug who knows. It also doesn't support Miracast so that was the straw that broke the camel's back, for me anyway. Regardless, I think no phone is ever perfect so it comes down to whatever you can live with and this Z 7 tick's enough of my boxes

  • Now if only Asus could do a battery life like this phone I would be over the moon ( I hate charging phones)

  • If Nokia g 10 can do this why don't Asus Start buying their batteries from Nokia.???

    They have always made killer batteries

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