[] DC dimming available only on 60hz?

kr0mkakr0mka Level 2
edited June 2021 in ZenFone 7 Series

When did this happen? I remember having it enabled along with 90hz before ,why is this restricted now to only 60hz?


  • This is restricted by design due to user feedbacks.here i will share few replies from moderators for ROG 5 user queries regarding DC dimming.👇👇

    Another reply from same mod is this👇👇

     if you turn on Auto, the DC dimming will be disabled under 60Hz low light source. This function is an expected design and is not castration after revision; because when Auto is turned on, depending on the user's use situation, more frequent FPS switching may be encountered. If DC/PWM dimming switching is added, it may bring poorer vision to users Fatigue and experience.

    I hope this will help you understand the real reason behind.


  • kr0mkakr0mka Level 2

    Alright, thanks for the explanation!

    I never really noticed any change when switching this on while 90hz was on, so I suppose it wasn't working anyway then. But it would be nice to include such changes in the changelog when something like this happens next time :)

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