Just another bug or two

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I should have taken the advice my friends from the SNB forum gave me which was,, Asus phones are alright but buggy,, and weren't they right.

Firstly when my phone is connected via Bluetooth to my 2019 Toyota HiAce and I receive a call from my wife her photo will come up on the headunit in my van as I have her photo saved with her details in my contacts,as it always has all good but the problem is now when anyone calls when I am connected to my van her photo comes up as well. Now don't get me wrong I have been happily married for more than 35 years and I still love her dearly BUT I go to work these days to get a break from her so not impressed Asus. This did not happen on A10 so I think I will download and upgrade or is it downgrade?? Hmm to A10 again and use it until either you guys fix it LoL or A12 comes along

Luckily I only work about 6 hours a day now so I don't have to see her pretty face on MY home away from home for too long but when you are talking to the devs can you maybe mention it.???? Please 🙏🥺

I have another bug but in fairness to Asus and the devs I am going to see if it is a one or three off before reporting it

Stay tuned

PS I don't believe I am being harsh in my criticism of Asus you have really let us down with A11 on the zenfone 7

Not happy Jan ( Aussie joke) but it is not funny

PPS I don't think even the people who love to hate me on this forum can argue with that

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