Inputs on DC Dimming

ipuiipui Level 1
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Want to get this phone and would love to get input from someone who's already got it about DC Dimming feature.

Can you use it with 120hz? How's the color accuracy when it's enabled and does it cause any noticeable issues?

Thank you all


  • vavriskavavriska Level 1

    DC dimming Is available only in 60 Hz mode. I haven't noticed any issues. Color accuracy seems the same.

  • ipuiipui Level 1

    @vavriska Thanks!

    I could live with 60hz, but I read somewhere that the 60hz mode in this phone results more stutter than usual 60hz screens. Do you have the same impressions?

  • vavriskavavriska Level 1

    There is some stutter at scrolling, but nothing horrible.

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